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Stubby57 viewsThis is stubby, he was run over by a bus and then donated to us. and then thrown away.
The Brittany angel41 views
Musclesgirl42 viewsThe affectionate name given her by the bald guy at 2nd harvest
School = Great Joy209 viewsBrittany R during yearbook class waiting for the bell to ring1 comments
Bri grr45 viewsBri making a grr face during yearbook as the dealines close in
Brooks action jump48 viewsA slow shutter speed action jump by Brooks, his feet look HUGE
Collosal!82 viewsThe collosal box of Froot Loops astonished Dave while we worked at 2nd harvest
Boxers173 viewsDavid and Nikki working at 2nd Harvest food bank
Da bears LOST123 viewsA devout Chicago fan got what they deserved1 comments
Emily grr43 viewsEmily thought that she could actually get away with this face during lunch duty
Exit OP61 viewsPainted on the wall at 2nd Harvest food bank, two whole exits!
To the Science Center51 viewsLeah, Niko, Bri, and Katie pose for a picture on the way to the Science Center
Moldy Apple Sauce166 viewsGASP! Just one of the many disgusting things donated to the 2nd Harvest food bank1 comments
Jon sorting163 viewsJon sorting items at the 2nd Harvest food bank
KILLOscar.com223 viewsWesley, Griff, and Eric show their support for the up-and-coming website
Food Bank Photographer Justin40 viewsJustin spent a lot of time taking Yearbook photos at the 2nd harvest food bank
Evan sliding57 viewsWe stopped for a short lunch break at the Oviedo mall; Evan ran up the stairs to Regal Cinema's and slid down the entire escalator, only to be yelled at seconds later by the security guard woman
Leaving for a picture62 viewsLeaving the mall, I pointed the camera on a bunch of people, but most assumed it was just a picture and started posing
Love37 viewsDavid, Nikki, Brittany and I do the FF5 "love" sign during Speech class
Marsh is blunt38 viewsMarsh, trying to be all cool, rolling up some paper during chapel
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