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Mrs. Tome's destroyed office51 viewsThe band and the art kids destroyed her office along with a few parents, in this one you an see all of the sticky notes on the walls
I crush stuff43 viewsMe sitting on the busted up car in the parking lot
Angelic Michael68 viewsI was standing behind the light and it pretty much sprouted from my head, Justin grabbed this one from floor level after about three tries
Stevie's posture67 viewsStevie displaying the power posture that he learned at Taylor on Tour
Where are the women?607 viewsThis wierd sign was at the hotel that we stayed at for Taylor on Tour, apparently there is a special room for women there but we couldnt find it1 comments
Michael super sandwhich52 viewsMichael eating my super sandwhich at the Taylor on Tour convention
Manwhiches130 viewsJustin and I's sandwhiches-- every type of meat they had at the bar with mustard and coke; they barely fit in our mouths1 comments
Niko and the shoulder angel178 viewsIt looks like I'm one of those shoulder angels that tell you right or wrong
Tru Gangstas168 viewsHaha I just did some random face and Mrs. Castaldi jumped in with some illegal hand signals; Christa used this in her powerpoint presentation as the "worst picture ever taken"1 comments
Yearbook elevator67 viewsJustin took this shot of our group at the Taylor on Tour convention in the elevator heading down to lunch
Daniel at the hotel58 viewsIt was supposed to be a candid blah kinda shot but it turned out good; dang it!
My starting position274 viewsMe on the starting line about to burst off for a 100m dash1 comments
Track running153 viewsMe leading Sarah, Krystal, Michelle, and Kelly on a practice sprint
Michael carrying Samantha138 viewsMichael carrying the girl that apparently has a crush on me because of detention1 comments
The track team32 viewsKelly, Sarah, Victoria, Me, Michelle, and Krystal posing for the track team's yearbook shot
Track meeting32 viewsCoach and my mother talking to the girls of the track team before a practice
Meh... Track32 viewsI wasnt all that excited about looking dumb while running that day
Michael stretching122 viewsChrista took this for yearbook?1 comments
Michelle track lunge32 viewsMichelle attacking Sarah, a fellow track runner
The Lion32 viewsBrittany's hair went all flourishy as she hit it
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