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Up-clsoe croc81 viewsI took this super macro shot at a zoo-type area in Hershey Park
Vans life44 views
Washington DC Cathedral60 views
Watermelon present40284 viewsBraden and I's present to Brittany for her birthday, a pirate watermelon at Brittany P's 19th birthday
We own this159 viewsMe and Stevie next to the globe that spun in Tomorrow Land
Wendy shocked45 viewsThe immediate reaction Wendy gave when Stevie asked for a kiss; "Wendy's only 12, shes just a girl after all..." to which I replied instantaneously "Well, Stevie's only 11?"
Wet flower54 views
Whatever107 viewsI took this simply to tell if my cheecks had swelled up the next day (they didnt!)
Where's Pooh?55 viewsWe waited for 20 minutes to get the picture and they stopped for a break right as we got there, Tigger came back quick but had no idea where the other guy went
Women enjoy urinals2145 viewsBrittany Hall and Brittany Reindl followed me into the guys bathroom at Walmart for some reason5 comments
Words of Wisdom88 views
Wtf ropes?46 viewsMy sister took this shot after Jayce said something really random
[Panorama] Backyard pond161 viewsI took this one of my grandpa's pond in our backyard, it was my first panorama
[Panorama] College land205 viewsThis is my favorite panorama yet because of how big it is, its the path I took to get to the college's farm area and more
[Panorama] New Smyrna raining169 viewsA panoramic shot of a rainstorm at New Smyrna beach
[Panorama] Road to college37 viewsThis is the road and the surrounding grassy land that leads to the farm college
[Panorama] Waterford pond1750 viewsI saw this incredible cloud formation as I drove by Waterford, but I knew that the clouds would either darken out the land or the land would blow out the sky; so here is my first HDR panorama
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