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"A good photograph stops the moment from running away."

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Mac and the frog pillow78 viewsMac defiles the frog pillow picture at Braden's house1 comments09/27/05 at 21:43btard: wow im crazy...i love i dont...lo...
Makeup85 viewsAlly hiding from the camera at Stevie's house before the pool; Justin mocks her for trying to put on makeup1 comments09/27/05 at 21:42btard: um ok...this pic is weird
Justin and Mac gaming83 viewsJustin and Mac playing Counter-Strike Source at Jon's 16th birthday party1 comments09/27/05 at 21:41btard: my boyfriend and mac.....COMPUTER FREAKS! omg some...
Justin and Chris190 viewsWiggers.1 comments09/27/05 at 21:40btard: ROFLLMAO!! omgawsh!justin looks high and chris mak...
Brittany and Chris kiss5101 viewsBrittany and Chris set up by Braden to mimick a kiss at Jon's birthday party5 comments09/27/05 at 21:34btard: omg i love it...altho hes not the one i wanna be k...
Dead Ringers110 viewsBraden and Brittany mimicking the two Ring characters1 comments09/26/05 at 22:54btard: i love us! me= dead guy braden =samara...we are go...
Me As A Baby.jpg
Babay Fleagle90 viewsThis is OBVIOUSLY a pic of me as a babay!1 comments09/26/05 at 18:16btard: u gain a little weight...wer...
LILU!!!89 viewsTHE ABSOLUTE GREATEST STUFF!! During Comp. Theatre.....well, thats for another pic.1 comments09/26/05 at 18:16btard: yummm...i love the fresh smell of lilu in the morn...
Babay FreddyFleagle96 viewsI really don't know what went wrong. This adorable then. But now...1 comments09/26/05 at 18:15btard: you are the cutest little thing! i love this pic. ...
108 views2 comments09/26/05 at 18:13btard: ewwww! get it off! i look freakin retarded!
Reprimanded170 viewsI was being yelled at by Mr. Gwaltney for something while Stevie snapped a random picture of us, then he got yelled at4 comments09/25/05 at 17:53stevieschenk: "When Im correcting anther student, it isn...
homecoming 029.jpg
stevetard112 viewso yes....i took this masterpiece at his house after the beach party!1 comments09/25/05 at 17:35stevieschenk: One schmahvelous photographer are you, Btard!
kenny = not a cool eskimo227 viewskenny tried to be cool like me and michael...the look just didnt work for her...1 comments09/24/05 at 23:49MechMykl: We own... and were friggin sexy. Road trip!
Gay day546 viewsHaha yea long story......2 comments09/23/05 at 20:14MechMykl: You dirty flamer
108 views2 comments09/21/05 at 21:55MechMykl: Hah, cool pic, too bad britt looks messed up, cuz ...
Michael sunburst retreat98 viewsI took this shot randomly at retreat and loved the effect1 comments09/21/05 at 17:41stevieschenk: I LUV THIS ONE!! ITS REALLY COOL LOOK'N!
Sig 1.JPG
My sig121 views1 comments09/20/05 at 19:14MechMykl: Holy crap dude, stop making cool stuff.
The Flash.jpg
The Flash!115 viewsA photo created out of boredom at Huntington1 comments09/16/05 at 18:47Derrick: Father fraction!
funny connection.JPG
Connection215 viewsFunny connection I got on the bus on the way to school1 comments09/14/05 at 20:48MechMykl: This made me laugh, alot. Thanks man.
FPS Doug Banner EX.jpg
Banner649 viewsPure Pwnage Banner *If you dont know what pure pwnage is YOUR SAD* search it on google lamer1 comments09/14/05 at 20:47MechMykl: BOOM HEADSHOT
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