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Hard work2976 viewsDaniel attempts to hold and pump up all of the balloons at once1 comments08/07/08 at 18:40Daniel: Woah anorexic arms Shocked
Daniel attacked by fans235 viewsDaniel singing Respect on stage as Alex and Birkmire attack him in fandom1 comments08/07/08 at 18:38Daniel: They never attacked me... I think the perspective ...
Adrian's guests1701 viewsAdrian made a special effort to keep the keychain's seat reserved1 comments08/05/08 at 05:52Daniel: HAHA that's our keychain... Rolling Eyes
After school guys310 viewsAdrian, Daniel, and Pinks after school in a random shot1 comments10/03/07 at 17:47Daniel: Remind me never to bleach my hair again
Viva La Stapas416 viewsWhile I have no idea what this means, Daniel drew it during Spanish in his unique style1 comments10/03/07 at 17:45Daniel: It actually says "Viva Las Tapas", and i...
The Munoz Sandwhich returns!360 viewsRebekah in between Daniel and Adrian [and I know you guys HATE this joke, but come on :)]3 comments10/03/07 at 17:42Daniel: Okay that is true... hence why I never got a class...
The glossy card422 viewsAdrian and Daniel opening up one of their AMAZING cards1 comments09/24/07 at 19:28Daniel: woah that's runner up for one of the most awkw...
Satisfaction1490 viewsI swear Daniel and Adrian practice this stuff or something; no one saw this coming.1 comments09/24/07 at 19:26Daniel: "What happens in Club Munoz, stays in Club Mu...
Daniel the wigged swordsman714 views1 comments09/24/07 at 19:23Daniel: KILL BILL!!!
The Munoz Sandwhich returns!360 viewsRebekah in between Daniel and Adrian [and I know you guys HATE this joke, but come on :)]3 comments09/23/07 at 10:18Daniel: LOL It's okay, I love the Munoz Sandwich joke ...
The senior class of 2008240 viewsOur class in front of the Word of Life camp commons room after our senior class meeting1 comments09/10/07 at 20:26Daniel: sans adrian and daniel Sad
Mary Catherine147 viewsI don't even know what to say about this pic. Was she doing the Aborigine?1 comments07/09/07 at 21:32Daniel: LMAO I have no clue but she still looks awesome in...
Another hot tub pic 3262 viewsDaniel hops in on this one1 comments07/07/07 at 16:59Daniel: jeez look at all that whiteness...
Nathan's coffee234 viewsNathan exhibiting the effects of caffine, pan right, and we see that Mac is about to shoot Daniel! 1 comments06/27/07 at 19:39Daniel: Smile wow those were the days... Neutral thank goodness...
Chanel dudes331 views4 comments06/27/07 at 19:08Daniel: " find it amusing that YOU'RE the one wea...
Sweaty boys at homecoming671 viewsPinks, Andrew, and James being really energetic at the homecoming dance4 comments06/10/07 at 18:49Daniel: ehhh thats nasty, although slightly amazing. still...
Hair monster!187 viewsMichelle getting a hair cut, the lady put all of her hair on her face. Amazing.1 comments02/17/07 at 20:38Daniel: LMAO and it's another tma kid too on the side,...
Locker magic163 viewsAbout 5 pairs of shoes and a bag stuff into a locker1 comments02/17/07 at 20:35Daniel: haha i think it was more like 7 pairs
Flying friends233 viewsDaniel and Jayce flying out of the swingset1 comments01/17/07 at 16:30Daniel: ugh this is horrible
Daniel and Jon1902 viewsDaniel's shoes are always shiny! But this is a good picture of the two of them at my house1 comments01/17/07 at 16:30Daniel: why are my shoes all sparkly in EVERY photo?!?
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