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Michael paintball close565 viewsA photo of me at Orance County paintball3 comments05/11/06 at 22:07stevieschenk: whoa nice pic dude!
Brothas class238 viewsHow a normal day at Stevie school would go for Jayce and I2 comments03/03/06 at 13:08stevieschenk: wtf teacher of what!?
Britt smile284 viewsEasily my favorite picture of her all year, I cursed Stevie out to get this!3 comments01/14/06 at 16:47stevieschenk: mmmm how hard did you work to get me to give this...
Michael snow hair1000 viewsSnow that was leftover from the flurry in my fluffy hair4 comments01/11/06 at 21:42stevieschenk: IDC WHAT YOU SAY: THEY'RE BUBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Nathan Kobe's hat133 views1 comments01/10/06 at 00:14stevieschenk: Confuscious say!
Sin bench235 viewsBrittany and I's bench invaded by Braden, Anthony, Destiny, James, and Brittany P4 comments01/10/06 at 00:10stevieschenk: yes, yes....rather than take part in sin, I photog...
Red shiny boxers525 viewsA photo of shocked Stevie at Sears holding up a pair of flashy boxers2 comments01/10/06 at 00:04stevieschenk: There are so many things wrong with this picture.....
Ghostly Harris160 viewsMr. Harris watching on almost like the G-Man as we endure another fire drill2 comments01/02/06 at 17:01stevieschenk: DR. BREEN!!!!!!!
Strawberry Hershey's202 viewsof course1 comments01/02/06 at 16:24stevieschenk: mmmmm strawberry white chocolate!!
Stevie and Brittany crazy161 viewsAdrian tries to jump in on this picture of Stevie and Brittany the night of the choir recital1 comments12/15/05 at 23:00stevieschenk: Good gracious I look like a crazed maniac
Stevie carries Destiny.jpg
Marriage carry441 viewsStevie carries off Destiny4 comments12/04/05 at 13:52stevieschenk: pah ( ilu2)
Stevie carries Destiny.jpg
Marriage carry441 viewsStevie carries off Destiny4 comments11/01/05 at 23:16stevieschenk: i see how it is MISS destiny!
Spirit Day Bow301 viewsI dont remember how this one got on me (I think it was Brittany)2 comments11/01/05 at 23:11stevieschenk: A za boo boo
Eng2h - Me
=D341 viewsStevie insisted on the face, though he wanted a picture not a video.2 comments10/31/05 at 21:57stevieschenk: WHY DIDNT YOU JUST TAKE A PICTURE!!!!!?????
Reprimanded293 viewsI was being yelled at by Mr. Gwaltney for something while Stevie snapped a random picture of us, then he got yelled at too4 comments09/25/05 at 17:53stevieschenk: "When Im correcting anther student, it isn...
Michael sunburst retreat239 viewsI took this shot randomly at retreat and loved the effect1 comments09/21/05 at 17:41stevieschenk: I LUV THIS ONE!! ITS REALLY COOL LOOK'N! Very Happy
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