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"A good photograph stops the moment from running away."

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Marsh and Daniel2365 viewsUnless you were there and you remember the joke, you wont remember what Marsh said right as the camera cut off... it was "I want youu"2 comments01/17/07 at 16:27Daniel: braden took this video. and needs to die.
Happy salad?170 viewsDaniel holding up the happy salad at lunch2 comments01/17/07 at 16:26Daniel: suprisingly this is my only school picture that is...
The Sexy Camisol289 viewsDaniel standing next to his sexy model at the mall after the play2 comments01/17/07 at 16:25Daniel: hmm... on second thought i want what's under t...
WTF Daniel179 views2 comments01/17/07 at 16:24Daniel: this needs to come off now.
Stockholders?486 viewsBrittany R and Stevie in the stocks; one of whom seems a little too gleeful?2 comments01/09/07 at 16:14Guest_topher: brittany reindl-common crook and apparently suicid...
Sidewalks182 viewsJames, Brad, and Braden pose for a photo I needed to do some Photoshopping to3 comments01/09/07 at 16:12Guest_topher: brad is so ghetto...he doesnt even have shoes on 8...
David and Nikki wild279 viewsDavid and Nikki on Wild and Crazy day during spirit week2 comments01/08/07 at 16:01MechMykl: Wow, never even noticed Braden lmao
Harper's Mill257 viewsOne of my favorite pictures1 comments01/07/07 at 22:40Guest_brittnessgirl: aw this is pretty.
Tresspassing? Bah232 viewsWe never were a couple of guys who followed rules2 comments01/07/07 at 22:36Guest_brittnessgirl: wow wut rebels. u guys look cute tho i love ur exp...
Sweaty boys at homecoming281 viewsPinks, Andrew, and James being really energetic at the homecoming dance4 comments01/07/07 at 22:28Guest_brittnessgirl: omg ew. lol and LOL wow Brittany's apparently ...
It's raining91 viewsRain pounding the pavement1 comments01/07/07 at 22:25Guest_brittnessgirl: oooooh
Twisted339 viewsStevie and Braden holding Rachel back1 comments01/07/07 at 22:24Guest_brittnessgirl: Aw doesn't Stevie look nice. lol And notice Br...
Michelle thinks shes hot stuff95 viewsSo do her friends, pshhh1 comments01/07/07 at 22:22Guest_brittnessgirl: Polka Dots EVERYWHERE
Michael wall256 viewsYet again with the famous wall pictures, this on a casual day2 comments01/07/07 at 22:21Guest_brittnessgirl: yay for preppy clothes and an UNPOPPED collar.
Marsh attack!119 viewsMarsh forces himself onto Kelly during the homecoming dance1 comments01/07/07 at 22:19Guest_brittnessgirl: lmao and I saw more than one victim of that night ...
Leah sleeping447 viewsLeah fell asleep behind the computer racks during yearbook class-- finally after awhile Mrs. Castaldi asked "where did Leah go?" Geran ratted her out1 comments01/07/07 at 22:17Guest_brittnessgirl: hahahaha i remember this day. Mrs castaldi is like...
David and Nikki wild279 viewsDavid and Nikki on Wild and Crazy day during spirit week2 comments01/07/07 at 22:14Guest_brittnessgirl: at first glance its such a cute picture...and then...
Homecoming misc 11107 viewsThe macarena part 3 at homecoming; Ashley keeps popping up in all of these picture1 comments01/07/07 at 22:13Guest_brittnessgirl: Is it just me or does it look like instead Brett&#...
Death by Review258 viewsBrittany dead on the floor after a pack of wild Princeton Review books overtook her1 comments01/07/07 at 22:06Guest_brittnessgirl: omg this is so perfect. lol
Its a gnomeeee161 views1 comments01/06/07 at 22:01Water: arent dwarves supposed to be... short?
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