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"A good photograph stops the moment from running away."

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Reeses big cups1052 viewsMe and Michelle in the Reeses aisle of Hershey park1 comments07/14/08 at 11:07Guest_topher: heaven
Chris guitar198 viewsChris shredding out a song on Guitar Hero1 comments06/25/08 at 11:01Guest_topher: shredding <Choked laugh>
There will be blood176 viewsCheck out David's face as Braden tries to saunter away1 comments06/16/08 at 23:28Guest_topher: david: i am gonna eat your soul!!!
Darnell and the pig426 viewsMr. Darnell eager to slice up some ham during the midnight feast2 comments06/10/08 at 19:09btard: AHEM I TOOK THIS PICTURE SILLY!
Darnell koalaing499 viewsBrett being koalaed by Mr. Darnell during a fire drill; so much for being in a straight line1 comments05/25/08 at 18:55Guest_AJ: THIS WAS THE BEST MOMENT OF APWH!!
Doublebutt!382 viewsWe were on the final leg of our journey when we spotted this chick on the back of a motorcycle but they got away from us, so I floored it so that my van was flying at like 90 and got up next to them so that David could get the shot1 comments05/20/08 at 12:55Guest_topher: why...does...this...exist???
James coat hanger313 viewsHe has a habit of sticking things on his head1 comments05/09/08 at 19:30Water: and i still do!... sorta
Inspecting Lynn's dress131 viewsMatt and James watch as Rebekah inspects Lynn's dress carrier1 comments05/08/08 at 15:34Guest_Beka: I was actually looking at the dress
Michael and muslim Nathan140 viewsNathan dressed up as a muslim for his school picture1 comments02/27/08 at 18:39Guest_topher: OH MY GOD!! ITS BARRACK OBAMA!!!
Brittany and Chris homecoming146 views1 comments02/27/08 at 18:33Guest_topher: haha...i remember this...i said she looked like an...
Erik noisemaker240 views1 comments02/18/08 at 13:50Guest_topher: its erik...
Brittany and Marissa dance1729 viewsBrittany and Marissa at the homecoming dance1 comments12/15/07 at 07:24Guest_rissilou: aww the two tennis girls
Michael and the tennis girls5932 viewsMe, Marissa, and Brittany at the homecoming dance1 comments12/15/07 at 07:21Guest_rissilou: aww I love this picture! Its me and the famous cou...
James study hall pass3968 viewsJames had to get a pass to specifically get his periodic table chart from his locker during a study hall; Ms. Voytenko must have been having a bad day1 comments11/27/07 at 15:56Water: no, she does that anytime anyone needs to go anywh...
Ride!147 viewsThis will make sense to all of the yearbook camp kids, but to anybody else NO this is not what it looks like1 comments10/31/07 at 16:06Aequitas9: wow, thats dirty
Braden in the pool!115 views1 comments10/23/07 at 22:02Guest_DIE: Euuu i hate u!
Fishy kiss109 viewsStevie said to me "I think I'll ask her for a kiss"; she was very happy to abilge1 comments10/19/07 at 09:51Guest_kenny: omg
Jayce and his twins2009 viewsTwo guys randomly found Jayce at the Hellogoodbye concert and we got a pic of them together1 comments10/19/07 at 09:43Guest_kenny: lol. the hellogoodbye concert was awesome.
Marsh and Daniel2386 viewsUnless you were there and you remember the joke, you wont remember what Marsh said right as the camera cut off... it was "I want youu"2 comments10/17/07 at 20:23kiwixmas: Daron says this looks like 'some kind of conce...
After school guys185 viewsAdrian, Daniel, and Pinks after school in a random shot1 comments10/03/07 at 17:47Daniel: Remind me never to bleach my hair again
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