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Senior class meeting217 viewsOur senior class meeting in the cafeteria to decide where to go on our senior trip at retreat1 comments09/17/07 at 21:23Guest_Christina Ewen: you guys all look so excited to be seniors lol
The senior class of 2008210 viewsOur class in front of the Word of Life camp commons room after our senior class meeting1 comments09/10/07 at 20:26Daniel: sans adrian and daniel Sad
Justin sleeping yearbook camp330 viewsJustin died and fell asleep around 1 am in this position at yearbook camp1 comments09/08/07 at 21:24Guest_Niko: Haha, i remember i kept shuving m&m's in h...
Open house parking174 viewsThe construction workers took up nearly 50% of our entire parking lot space with their junk1 comments09/05/07 at 17:30Water: and they still do!
Personalities201 viewsThis shot pretty well describes Brittany and Chris' differing personalities during a retreat game1 comments09/05/07 at 17:28Water: or their personalities usually... chris verbally a...
Underwater Devil Rays317 viewsBraden, Chris, and I took a trip to the Devil Ray tank during the baseball game and while I took this video a bunch of people were like, "I wouldn't be doing that if I were you!"1 comments08/25/07 at 18:14Guest_Beka: o the memories Cool
Daron pantyhose153 viewsDaron trying to force bananna mush out of pantyhose on her head during a game at retreat1 comments08/23/07 at 08:57kiwixmas: eeeeeuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!
The Fonz with Oscar and Marsh199 views1 comments08/23/07 at 08:46Guest_kenny: i love this pic, michael!
Adrian's perpendicular parking5289 viewsA brilliant man, Adrian made a parking spot where no one else would: in between two parallelly parked cars, effectively blocking both from leaving until he did1 comments08/20/07 at 20:37Water: you see that little bit of a red car on the right?...
Darnell and Marsh sleeping1547 viewsNathan thought that there was no way to sleep on this bus, but I knew for sure that Mr. Darnell would die out1 comments08/19/07 at 13:08Guest_kenny: I love this pic. I may steal it for my blog.
Mary Catherine126 viewsI don't even know what to say about this pic. Was she doing the Aborigine?1 comments07/09/07 at 21:32Daniel: LMAO I have no clue but she still looks awesome in...
Another hot tub pic 3218 viewsDaniel hops in on this one1 comments07/07/07 at 16:59Daniel: jeez look at all that whiteness...
Chanel dudes298 views4 comments07/01/07 at 00:53MechMykl: Nah I love the fact that brittanys hiding in the c...
Nathan's coffee189 viewsNathan exhibiting the effects of caffine, pan right, and we see that Mac is about to shoot Daniel! 1 comments06/27/07 at 19:39Daniel: Smile wow those were the days... Neutral thank goodness...
Chanel dudes298 views4 comments06/27/07 at 19:08Daniel: " find it amusing that YOU'RE the one wea...
Brilliant eyes189 viewsMe and Jayce flashed bright on the Jurrasic park water ride1 comments06/20/07 at 14:55btard: THERE'S MY FAVORITE LITTLE BLUE KKER BAKER!
The spinning berg289 viewsChris took this picture of me spinning around a pole bursting with energy5 comments06/20/07 at 14:51btard: Oh come on, that IS important Smile lol jk.
Magazine204 viewsI swear this looks like one of those goofy pictures that they put in magazines2 comments06/15/07 at 14:22btard: OMG i hate this, my mouth is like gaping open like...
Sweaty boys at homecoming630 viewsPinks, Andrew, and James being really energetic at the homecoming dance4 comments06/10/07 at 18:49Daniel: ehhh thats nasty, although slightly amazing. still...
Magazine204 viewsI swear this looks like one of those goofy pictures that they put in magazines2 comments06/02/07 at 21:30ChristaRose: gorgeous. i love it. you two are adorable.
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