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The face off149 viewsDavid and Nikki in a staring contest during bible class1 comments06/01/07 at 01:26Guest_brittnessgirl: haha this is cute. and ally looks riveted.
The failed wall attempt153 viewsWe kinda plastered ourselves to the wall but Daniel and Brittany killed the picture1 comments05/31/07 at 22:57Guest_brittnessgirl: damn i wish i was as cool as u guys.
The emo tree254 viewsBraden said that it would be a good shot so he hoisted me all the way up1 comments05/31/07 at 22:55Guest_brittnessgirl: hello little emo boy
Math kids180 viewsJustin, Oscar, and Lauren doing math homework on the floor (Oscar's actually playing Mars Patrol though)1 comments05/28/07 at 19:09Guest_Oscar: yea man games are way more educational than math
Ghetto Nikki174 viewsShe dresed up for her speech project1 comments05/10/07 at 20:16Guest_topher: omg Shocked
Lynn Ogrowski142 views1 comments05/10/07 at 20:16Guest_topher: u misspelled her last name dipshit
David and Nikki at Daily Bread187 views1 comments05/04/07 at 16:03Guest_brittnessgirl: aw i love them Smile
Braden hairnet147 viewsBraden at Daily Bread serving food to the homeless1 comments05/04/07 at 16:02Guest_brittnessgirl: LOL! i remember having to wear one of those aprons...
The Sammies Lady130 viewsLiterally the first time I've ever seen anyone shopping in the Sammies store, and of course it's a middle aged woman that has just come from Victoria's Secret!1 comments05/04/07 at 16:00Guest_brittnessgirl: wth....
Sean's gorgeous earring144 viewsSean's ear is pierced, so we shoved Ally's earring into it1 comments05/01/07 at 16:20Guest_topher: gayness
Brittany in the grass310 viewsA picture of her from our picnic1 comments04/29/07 at 19:23Guest_Kenny: OMG! is that the picnic where you drank "kenn...
Women enjoy urinals2145 viewsBrittany Hall and Brittany Reindl followed me into the guys bathroom at Walmart for some reason5 comments04/29/07 at 19:22Guest_Kenny: omg...
Happy salad?227 viewsDaniel holding up the happy salad at lunch2 comments04/10/07 at 08:09ChristaRose: i hope he never makes this face ever ever again.
Michelle's makeout shield618 views2 comments04/09/07 at 20:16Guest_brittnessgirl: lol wow. this picture is pretty much hilarious.
Silence is hillarious140 viewsI was with Brittany, Braden, and Christa when I took this picture, poor african americans :(1 comments04/09/07 at 20:12Guest_brittnessgirl: hahaha i remember this.
Rebekah at lunch156 views2 comments04/09/07 at 20:11Guest_brittnessgirl: Aw this is a cute pic. lol she looks cute and misc...
Rebekah at lunch156 views2 comments04/09/07 at 20:00Guest_Beka: Hey u know something? I actually like this one. Th...
Michelle's makeout shield618 views2 comments04/08/07 at 21:31ChristaRose: WOW this is amazing. michelle's face is pricel...
Michael on the happy gas142 viewsA picture of me on the laughing gas at my dentist office1 comments04/08/07 at 17:05Guest_topher: w....t.....f..... Shocked
116 views1 comments04/04/07 at 10:40MechMykl: What the heck Matt lol
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