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Well, aren't we all just one big happy family!114 viewsThey look so sad or something1 comments03/23/07 at 16:15ChristaRose: wow my hair is freaking long. i don't know wha...
Nathan gets the shot112 views...and so do I, as I capture Oscar putting a pole right near Nathan's....1 comments03/10/07 at 14:49Guest_themegamaggot: oscar just likes man ass
Muscled men658 viewsSean and I pose for a strong armed picture at the Junior class Christmas party, again, I have a very wierd face3 comments03/10/07 at 14:35Guest_themegamaggot: the watcher...
Chanel dudes298 views4 comments03/09/07 at 12:29Guest_brittnessgirl: ok wth. those are my chanel sunglasses. lol
My starting position274 viewsMe on the starting line about to burst off for a 100m dash1 comments03/09/07 at 12:27Guest_brittnessgirl: niiice yay for running
Jayce behind the machine278 viewsJayce wanted his Coke that never came out, so he squeezed in the tiny space to the right to whiplash the machine... didnt work :(1 comments03/08/07 at 17:06ChristaRose: this like when jayce said he might jump out of the...
Michael wall306 viewsYet again with the famous wall pictures, this on a casual day2 comments03/08/07 at 15:42ChristaRose: i'm loving this picture.. myspace...
Michael stretching122 viewsChrista took this for yearbook?1 comments03/07/07 at 20:41btard: haha. what a random picture.. sometimes i wonder a...
Michael carrying Samantha138 viewsMichael carrying the girl that apparently has a crush on me because of detention1 comments03/07/07 at 20:38btard: aww. some little girl has a crush. i promise. Cool
Chanel dudes298 views4 comments03/07/07 at 20:36btard: i find it amusing that YOU'RE the one wearing ...
Tennis seniors 2158 views1 comments03/07/07 at 20:23btard: now now. in your eventual captions to these pictur...
Destroyed tire385 viewsChrista's destroyed tire, she also popped off the rim too1 comments03/05/07 at 14:58ChristaRose: that's not a blown tire. that's like.. no ...
Jayce Jump!130 viewsJayce jumped off a ledge at IOA with the sun in the background, turned out very well :)1 comments03/05/07 at 14:37ChristaRose: i don't care who you are.. that's pretty f...
The mob162 viewsDavid, Chris, Mac, Nikki, Lynn, Braden, Ally, Daniel, Jayce, and James all on the way to the football game after a stop at Steak and Shake1 comments03/02/07 at 07:35ChristaRose: i'd like to know why all of you were randomly ...
Stevie and Brittany ooh117 views1 comments02/26/07 at 19:59ChristaRose: in stevie voice... "oh my!"
Jared Flintstone140 viewsJared dressed up as Fred Flintstone for Character Day during Spirit Week1 comments02/26/07 at 01:14Tubaman: First off, it's spelled JEred, second of all, ...
Mario and Luigi307 viewsJames and Pinks dressed up as Mario and Luigi for character day; they won the competition for best costume1 comments02/26/07 at 01:13Tubaman: That was the best outfit EVER!!!! I'm glad the...
Moldy Apple Sauce166 viewsGASP! Just one of the many disgusting things donated to the 2nd Harvest food bank1 comments02/26/07 at 01:12Tubaman: My my, look at Justin
Homecoming misc 10161 viewsBraden STILL cant take any more of the crowds or the music1 comments02/26/07 at 01:10Tubaman: Destiny looks like she's havin fun.
Mooooned250 views1 comments02/25/07 at 22:15ChristaRose: once again. nightmares.
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