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"A good photograph stops the moment from running away."

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Last comments
The mob126 viewsDavid, Chris, Mac, Nikki, Lynn, Braden, Ally, Daniel, Jayce, and James all on the way to the football game after a stop at Steak and Shake1 comments03/02/07 at 07:35ChristaRose: i'd like to know why all of you were randomly ...
Stevie and Brittany ooh95 views1 comments02/26/07 at 19:59ChristaRose: in stevie voice... "oh my!"
Jared Flintstone108 viewsJared dressed up as Fred Flintstone for Character Day during Spirit Week1 comments02/26/07 at 01:14Tubaman: First off, it's spelled JEred, second of all, ...
Mario and Luigi271 viewsJames and Pinks dressed up as Mario and Luigi for character day; they won the competition for best costume1 comments02/26/07 at 01:13Tubaman: That was the best outfit EVER!!!! I'm glad the...
Moldy Apple Sauce134 viewsGASP! Just one of the many disgusting things donated to the 2nd Harvest food bank1 comments02/26/07 at 01:12Tubaman: My my, look at Justin
Homecoming misc 10121 viewsBraden STILL cant take any more of the crowds or the music1 comments02/26/07 at 01:10Tubaman: Destiny looks like she's havin fun.
Mooooned208 views1 comments02/25/07 at 22:15ChristaRose: once again. nightmares.
The best present ever557 viewsAdrian and Daniel recieve their best present ever, a box1 comments02/25/07 at 22:06ChristaRose: i will now have nightmares for weeks.
Yearbook work159 viewsHmm... something is wrong here; it seems like there's an inordinate amount of me in this tEaM1 comments02/25/07 at 18:33ChristaRose: i will not comment. i will let this be.. hrm. lol....
Justin in the bookcase599 viewsMrs. Hinds gave us a stretch break during Geometry, Justin spent it cooped up in the bookshelf1 comments02/21/07 at 20:10Guest_Niko: i remember that, haha
No more giraffe548 viewsWe stopped at a Mc Donalds out on I-Drive and I hopped on the giraffe, my dad came over and stared me down telling me to be more responsible1 comments02/20/07 at 19:53Guest_brittnessgirl: LOL wow. ilu this is just funny.
Training to be rich233 viewsBraden came to the party late because he spent hours that day at a seminar1 comments02/20/07 at 19:51Guest_brittnessgirl: lol i recognize that smirk all 2 well.
The group ice skaters 4103 viewsA different area of the rink, I thought it was quite funny1 comments02/20/07 at 19:50Guest_brittnessgirl: i love how you are all hunched over but Daniel ref...
Hmmm148 viewsBraden and Lynn wonder2 comments02/20/07 at 19:49Guest_brittnessgirl: haha...yes. haha.
Posers110 viewsDaniela and I posing with awesomeness at the skating rink1 comments02/20/07 at 19:47Guest_brittnessgirl: Dorkssssss
Craig approved85 views1 comments02/19/07 at 08:40Aequitas9: Holy crap, an actually okay picture of me...
Pulling a heavy load256 viewsJayce hauling our VBS 2006 class around the halls1 comments02/18/07 at 21:15LawDawg: MY COFFEE!
Rebekah loses212 views"Rebekah started off with a better present than she ended up with" James and I just wanted to point out1 comments02/17/07 at 21:31Water: it beats a flipping phone book
Muscled men598 viewsSean and I pose for a strong armed picture at the Junior class Christmas party, again, I have a very wierd face3 comments02/17/07 at 21:30Water: just... no
Hmmm148 viewsBraden and Lynn wonder2 comments02/17/07 at 21:18Water: dear lord thats frightning XD
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