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Niko and Justin526 viewsA very happy Niko on the way to Planet Hollywood for her 16th birthday2 comments02/02/07 at 16:09Guest_Niko: yep, i luv this pic.
Niko and Justin526 viewsA very happy Niko on the way to Planet Hollywood for her 16th birthday2 comments01/31/07 at 00:28Guest_brittnessgirl: is up w justins expression!?...
Women enjoy urinals2145 viewsBrittany Hall and Brittany Reindl followed me into the guys bathroom at Walmart for some reason5 comments01/31/07 at 00:26Guest_brittnessgirl: Smile
Braden's birthday locker125 views1 comments01/31/07 at 00:24Guest_brittnessgirl: aw lol he looks like a lil kid standing next to hi...
Senior lunch konga line135 views1 comments01/31/07 at 00:21Guest_brittnessgirl: good times. lol
Rebekah and Stevie at lunch133 viewsI like this shot a lot, both are in focus and its in super macro mode :)1 comments01/31/07 at 00:20Guest_brittnessgirl: Aww what a cute picture
Sweaty boys at homecoming630 viewsPinks, Andrew, and James being really energetic at the homecoming dance4 comments01/23/07 at 17:04btard: Damn straight I was mad. I was so grossed out.
Chris has a rack202 views2 comments01/23/07 at 17:04Guest_topher: yup...i have boobs Cool
Tresspassing? Bah312 viewsWe never were a couple of guys who followed rules2 comments01/18/07 at 17:27btard: You look adorable, and you're my cutie
Nathan climbing illegally!136 viewsGasp!1 comments01/18/07 at 16:22Guest_TheMegaMaggot: They never said no climbing Wink
Michael and Brittany slow dancing306 viewsI'm not sure who took this but its practically perfect3 comments01/18/07 at 16:17Guest_TheMegaMaggot: Was eiter me or Stevie, but very nice picture
Nathan's senior ring115 views1 comments01/18/07 at 16:13Guest_TheMegaMaggot: what a sexy ring. Some 1 has good taste
Cabinet Adrian395 viewsDuring our time in Princeton Review, Adrian hid himself in Mrs. More's cabinet... why?1 comments01/18/07 at 16:09Guest_TheMegaMaggot: Confused ya it aint comfy in there is it...
Flying friends189 viewsDaniel and Jayce flying out of the swingset1 comments01/17/07 at 16:30Daniel: ugh this is horrible
Daniel and Jon1860 viewsDaniel's shoes are always shiny! But this is a good picture of the two of them at my house1 comments01/17/07 at 16:30Daniel: why are my shoes all sparkly in EVERY photo?!?
Sparkles Munoz!147 viewsDaniel talking to Brittany at lunch, haha I'm reaaaaaly mean1 comments01/17/07 at 16:28Daniel: this needs to die as well
Show your support!340 viewsDaniel and Nathan showing their support for Breast Cancer research3 comments01/17/07 at 16:28Daniel: i have no clue. i mustive been crazy back then...
Marsh and Daniel2453 viewsUnless you were there and you remember the joke, you wont remember what Marsh said right as the camera cut off... it was "I want youu"2 comments01/17/07 at 16:27Daniel: braden took this video. and needs to die.
Happy salad?227 viewsDaniel holding up the happy salad at lunch2 comments01/17/07 at 16:26Daniel: suprisingly this is my only school picture that is...
The Sexy Camisol395 viewsDaniel standing next to his sexy model at the mall after the play2 comments01/17/07 at 16:25Daniel: hmm... on second thought i want what's under t...
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