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"A good photograph stops the moment from running away."

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David birthday hat 2212 viewsLet's just say it's a better picture of Justin then David during speech1 comments02/06/07 at 17:14Water: and THEN some
Concentrated killer116 views1 comments02/06/07 at 17:13Water: rofl. at which point she will proceed to displace ...
Picture jumper112 viewsNiko randomly jumped into the picture as the flash fired grr1 comments02/02/07 at 16:09Guest_Niko: HAHA
Niko and Justin189 viewsA very happy Niko on the way to Planet Hollywood for her 16th birthday2 comments02/02/07 at 16:09Guest_Niko: yep, i luv this pic.
Niko and Justin189 viewsA very happy Niko on the way to Planet Hollywood for her 16th birthday2 comments01/31/07 at 00:28Guest_brittnessgirl: is up w justins expression!?...
Women enjoy urinals1978 viewsBrittany Hall and Brittany Reindl followed me into the guys bathroom at Walmart for some reason5 comments01/31/07 at 00:26Guest_brittnessgirl:
Braden's birthday locker92 views1 comments01/31/07 at 00:24Guest_brittnessgirl: aw lol he looks like a lil kid standing next to hi...
Senior lunch konga line104 views1 comments01/31/07 at 00:21Guest_brittnessgirl: good times. lol
Rebekah and Stevie at lunch106 viewsI like this shot a lot, both are in focus and its in super macro mode :)1 comments01/31/07 at 00:20Guest_brittnessgirl: Aww what a cute picture
Sweaty boys at homecoming281 viewsPinks, Andrew, and James being really energetic at the homecoming dance4 comments01/23/07 at 17:04btard: Damn straight I was mad. I was so grossed out.
Chris has a rack157 views2 comments01/23/07 at 17:04Guest_topher: yup...i have boobs
Tresspassing? Bah232 viewsWe never were a couple of guys who followed rules2 comments01/18/07 at 17:27btard: You look adorable, and you're my cutie
Nathan climbing illegally!91 viewsGasp!1 comments01/18/07 at 16:22Guest_TheMegaMaggot: They never said no climbing
Michael and Brittany slow dancing250 viewsI'm not sure who took this but its practically perfect3 comments01/18/07 at 16:17Guest_TheMegaMaggot: Was eiter me or Stevie, but very nice picture
Nathan's senior ring86 views1 comments01/18/07 at 16:13Guest_TheMegaMaggot: what a sexy ring. Some 1 has good taste
Cabinet Adrian319 viewsDuring our time in Princeton Review, Adrian hid himself in Mrs. More's cabinet... why?1 comments01/18/07 at 16:09Guest_TheMegaMaggot: ya it aint comfy in there is it...
Flying friends117 viewsDaniel and Jayce flying out of the swingset1 comments01/17/07 at 16:30Daniel: ugh this is horrible
Daniel and Jon1783 viewsDaniel's shoes are always shiny! But this is a good picture of the two of them at my house1 comments01/17/07 at 16:30Daniel: why are my shoes all sparkly in EVERY photo?!?
Sparkles Munoz!103 viewsDaniel talking to Brittany at lunch, haha I'm reaaaaaly mean1 comments01/17/07 at 16:28Daniel: this needs to die as well
Show your support!196 viewsDaniel and Nathan showing their support for Breast Cancer research3 comments01/17/07 at 16:28Daniel: i have no clue. i mustive been crazy back then...
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