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My '06 Infiniti G35 Coupe11591 viewsA video of my '06 Infiniti G35 Coupe driving off2 comments04/12/10 at 03:32MechMykl: TECHNICALLY I was already stopped behind the stop ...
Darnell and the pig489 viewsMr. Darnell eager to slice up some ham during the midnight feast2 comments12/23/09 at 21:02MechMykl: Fixed Smile
The Munoz Sandwhich returns!315 viewsRebekah in between Daniel and Adrian [and I know you guys HATE this joke, but come on :)]3 comments09/23/07 at 18:30MechMykl: Haha if I recall you at one point wanted to put th...
Chanel dudes310 views4 comments07/01/07 at 00:53MechMykl: Nah I love the fact that brittanys hiding in the c...
127 views1 comments04/04/07 at 10:40MechMykl: What the heck Matt lol
The spinning berg302 viewsChris took this picture of me spinning around a pole bursting with energy5 comments04/01/07 at 20:36MechMykl: lmao who cares?! Kevin was there too? so was Stevi...
David and Nikki wild359 viewsDavid and Nikki on Wild and Crazy day during spirit week2 comments01/08/07 at 16:01MechMykl: Wow, never even noticed Braden lmao
Brittany and Chris kiss5277 viewsBrittany and Chris set up by Braden to mimick a kiss at Jon's birthday party5 comments12/04/06 at 21:04MechMykl: Heh, Oscar man, this was over a year ago
147 views1 comments11/23/06 at 16:18MechMykl: You suck Razz
Look Out121 viewsLOOK OUT LITTLE BOY, THAT SANDPERSON IS MICHAEL BERG... I MEAN JACKSON!!!!! What? It was a slip of the tongue, I didn't mean it!!!! 1 comments06/01/06 at 14:09MechMykl: Eh? Razz
Punishment of Vader haters out there!159 viewsPossible reasons this could happen:
1. I'm a Vader hater (Not possible, I waited 30 minutes in line for this)
2. Berg sent him out for the comment on the Sandperson picture
3. I wasn't dark enough to be a Sith
4. I thought about Padme too much
5. I wanted it to be a comedic picture.
1 comments06/01/06 at 14:08MechMykl: Haha
Spirit Hunt138 viewsThe first thing I did with my camera. I just got home from work at 10:50 pm.2 comments04/30/06 at 17:36MechMykl: nice, i like the whole black solar flair thing
Michael wall casual178 viewsA newer wall pic of me3 comments03/16/06 at 22:05MechMykl: lol I wasnt happy dude, so ive got a "sigh, w...
tormented soul171 viewsa cookie to whoever guesses who that is6 comments03/12/06 at 01:50MechMykl: not really lol, but i meant if it was from a digit...
Jon's presents170 viewsJon unwrapping his presents at his birthday3 comments03/11/06 at 15:25MechMykl: Date added: Sep 12, 2005 Wink
Blue Berg129 viewswhy so blue chummmmm-p3 comments03/11/06 at 15:24MechMykl: haha. oh and look to the right of me, your finger ...
tormented soul171 viewsa cookie to whoever guesses who that is6 comments03/08/06 at 02:31MechMykl: It's like, if that was a reg. camera I could s...
Michael snow hair957 viewsSnow that was leftover from the flurry in my fluffy hair4 comments01/25/06 at 23:20MechMykl: lol no, i wasnt feeling angsty, i was showing peop...
Sean's Decision248 viewsThis was taken during Latin when we were outside. The first thing I thought was "Sean's choice between childhood and Adulthood" etc...1 comments01/18/06 at 23:54MechMykl: Daaaaang this pic rules, im bringing other clothes...
Britt smile253 viewsEasily my favorite picture of her all year, I cursed Stevie out to get this!3 comments01/18/06 at 17:54MechMykl: Lol i was screaming profanity at you until i got i...
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