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Magazine259 viewsI swear this looks like one of those goofy pictures that they put in magazines2 comments06/02/07 at 22:30ChristaRose: gorgeous. i love it. you two are adorable.
Happy salad?288 viewsDaniel holding up the happy salad at lunch2 comments04/10/07 at 09:09ChristaRose: i hope he never makes this face ever ever again.
Michelle's makeout shield677 views2 comments04/08/07 at 22:31ChristaRose: WOW this is amazing. michelle's face is pricel...
Well, aren't we all just one big happy family!140 viewsThey look so sad or something1 comments03/23/07 at 17:15ChristaRose: wow my hair is freaking long. i don't know wha...
Jayce behind the machine326 viewsJayce wanted his Coke that never came out, so he squeezed in the tiny space to the right to whiplash the machine... didnt work :(1 comments03/08/07 at 18:06ChristaRose: this like when jayce said he might jump out of the...
Michael wall337 viewsYet again with the famous wall pictures, this on a casual day2 comments03/08/07 at 16:42ChristaRose: i'm loving this picture.. myspace...
Destroyed tire429 viewsChrista's destroyed tire, she also popped off the rim too1 comments03/05/07 at 15:58ChristaRose: that's not a blown tire. that's like.. no ...
Jayce Jump!177 viewsJayce jumped off a ledge at IOA with the sun in the background, turned out very well :)1 comments03/05/07 at 15:37ChristaRose: i don't care who you are.. that's pretty f...
The mob200 viewsDavid, Chris, Mac, Nikki, Lynn, Braden, Ally, Daniel, Jayce, and James all on the way to the football game after a stop at Steak and Shake1 comments03/02/07 at 08:35ChristaRose: i'd like to know why all of you were randomly ...
Stevie and Brittany ooh157 views1 comments02/26/07 at 20:59ChristaRose: in stevie voice... "oh my!"
Mooooned303 views1 comments02/25/07 at 23:15ChristaRose: once again. nightmares.
The best present ever702 viewsAdrian and Daniel recieve their best present ever, a box1 comments02/25/07 at 23:06ChristaRose: i will now have nightmares for weeks.
Yearbook work242 viewsHmm... something is wrong here; it seems like there's an inordinate amount of me in this tEaM1 comments02/25/07 at 19:33ChristaRose: i will not comment. i will let this be.. hrm. lol....
Jayce and Michael, falling for you305 views2 comments02/13/07 at 23:30ChristaRose: of course you are. i am just amazing. lol jk
Jumping at camera174 views1 comments02/13/07 at 23:22ChristaRose: you look like you don't have any arms. very od...
Hmm, a kiss?4092 viewsBrittany kisses me on the forehead during out picnic; her nose is crazy scruched!3 comments02/10/07 at 18:49ChristaRose: fave. amazing. new myspace default!
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