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Sean, the other pimp292 viewsLadies man Sean poses with Amanda and Amy at the Junior class Christmas party1 comments02/09/07 at 22:53CrimsonAndroid: Surprised Surprised Surprised Surprised Surprised
Women enjoy urinals2203 viewsBrittany Hall and Brittany Reindl followed me into the guys bathroom at Walmart for some reason5 comments02/08/07 at 19:53CrimsonAndroid: Shocked
Adrian sleeping balloon3034 viewsJayce put his hands there to place the balloon, you know...1 comments11/29/06 at 20:46CrimsonAndroid: (...) Embarrassed
Michael and Michelle beach 2258 views1 comments06/07/06 at 20:30CrimsonAndroid: Shocked
Michael wall casual217 viewsA newer wall pic of me3 comments03/14/06 at 11:33CrimsonAndroid: what
Sin bench240 viewsBrittany and I's bench invaded by Braden, Anthony, Destiny, James, and Brittany P4 comments01/18/06 at 22:14CrimsonAndroid: WHY CAN't I BE IN MORE OF THESE?!
Adrian dark clouds372 viewsI was taking dramtic photos of everyone that day, those were some of the heaviest clouds I had ever seen around TMA1 comments01/18/06 at 22:09CrimsonAndroid: Very cool
God's sausages339 viewsAdrian ordering breakfat from a farmer's market cart before the Winter Park Parade1 comments12/14/05 at 18:21CrimsonAndroid: jesus sausage!
Michael hydrant jump295 viewsMichael jumping off a hydrant after the Winter Park Parade1 comments12/14/05 at 18:20CrimsonAndroid: fly like an eagle... Laughing
Brittany and Stevie hiding259 viewsBrittany and Stevie hiding from our camera barrage before retreat2 comments10/18/05 at 21:26CrimsonAndroid: Sweet, just hilarious! Laughing
Gay day632 viewsHaha yea long story......2 comments10/08/05 at 18:09CrimsonAndroid: YUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reprimanded299 viewsI was being yelled at by Mr. Gwaltney for something while Stevie snapped a random picture of us, then he got yelled at too4 comments10/08/05 at 12:59CrimsonAndroid: lipstick!!!!
Chuggin energy180 viewsAdrian had just bought a monster at Eckerds as we all start yelling at him to finish it in 20 seconds1 comments10/08/05 at 12:56CrimsonAndroid: oh dear Embarrassed
Braden's pimpage181 will be up in the coming months (no joke)1 comments10/02/05 at 13:43CrimsonAndroid: groooooossss!!! Surprised
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