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Adrian's perpendicular parking5295 viewsA brilliant man, Adrian made a parking spot where no one else would: in between two parallelly parked cars, effectively blocking both from leaving until he did1 comments
Brett cleaning up5274 viewsBrett taking down some toilet paper from Kyle's trees
Brittany and Chris kiss5262 viewsBrittany and Chris set up by Braden to mimick a kiss at Jon's birthday party5 comments
TMA Varsity Football 08 [Game 6]5160 viewsA shot from the Calvary Christian VS Master's game on October 3rd: be sure to purchase the Game 6 CD TOMORROW, these pictures will not be in the yearbook!
Rundown Shop5141 viewsJayce and I at the Outlet mall messing around in the rundown food court
The Blue Bitch Bar5134 viewsA video from our stop for lunch before diving at St. Martin
Waiting for the bus5040 viewsWe got off the ship about 40 minutes before the bus arrived and had to keep ourselves busy
Nothing left to do5040 viewsIt was nearing the end of our day at the food bank and about an hour before we were supposed to leave we literally ran out of work to do...
BB guns and eggs5038 viewsI took this while Eddie was shooting stop signs and cable boxes and Jeff was tossing eggs at front yards and Adrian
Michael and friends picture day5037 viewsMe, Chris, Brittany, and Oscar in the gym waiting to get our pictures taken for the yearbook
Mom raking4946 viewsMy mom raking the dead grass that would soon be replaced by new sod
Oscar and Lynx wrestling4832 viewsOscar throwing Lynx on the ground during their wrestling match in the Germany cabin
My destroyed room4779 viewsSo I came home to this today...
Fish faced Michael Berg4753 viewsI'll kill you
FCC Cheer Camp 094745 viewsThis image is presized for Facebook and MySpace: you are encouraged to share it!
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Bug eyes4719 viewsAdrian and Caitlin on Cinco De Mayo- eyes in the shade
Normal behavior4700 viewsChris and Adrian were talking about something, I slammed my body into the wall right next to them
Ben listerine4688 viewsEvery year I give at least one of my kids a listerine pocket pack
The sand war4638 viewsJayce against Craig, Justin, and John
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