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Kayla and Emily are back2408 viewsKayla and Emily back out on the tube for another round
Hyper Brittany2365 viewsBrittany P being INSANE while we waited in line for a haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights
F THE LOTTERY2340 viewsAndrew Lee tears up some laminated paper
Spider catching2301 viewsBraden and Colbey capturing a spider in the speedball tube around the Germany cabin
Amanda and Julia wcrazy2301 viewsAmanda and Julia dressed up during 1st period bible for Wild and Crazy day during spirit week
Marriage!2297 viewsWhat marriage would look like for Adrian and Brittany
Hackett's infraction2257 views"Your mom" wrote up Mr. Hackett for "having a crapy car" and other assorted problems
Blake blood pressure2255 viewsBlake getting his blood pressure checked during Anatomy; yay circulatory system!
Hallister and Loserface2220 viewsBrittany and I ran to the van in the rain at Waterford and started drawing on the windows
Homeboys 22215 viewsAdrian and Daniel hanging outside of their Kia at the Alafaya Trail-Colonial light just as it had turned green
TMA Varsity Football 08 [Game 4]2183 viewsA shot from the Calvary Christian VS Master's game on September 19th: be sure to purchase the Game 4 CD next Friday, these pictures will not be in the yearbook!
Very very quiet2179 viewsJayce talks nonstop during the video and I show that not only do I have some ridiculous ankle socks on, but that I'm also wearing one of Jayce's shirts
Women enjoy urinals2150 viewsBrittany Hall and Brittany Reindl followed me into the guys bathroom at Walmart for some reason5 comments
Jayce with a RL2116 viewsJayce rolling around the office with a rocket launcher
Chris' '08 Ford Mustang2106 viewsA video of Chris' '08 Ford Mustang driving off, ending with a shot of the neighborhood cat that was hanging out with us
Gamers2061 viewsA video of Nathan playing Jedi Academy, Jayce hacking at CSSource, and James playing N
Jayce and his twins2060 viewsTwo guys randomly found Jayce at the Hellogoodbye concert and we got a pic of them together1 comments
Fishermen2056 viewsBraden and Brad on Kayla's dock trying to catch a few fish
Adrian's park job2041 viewsAdrian was running very late to school, so just moments before the late bell rang, he quick zipped into this spot and ran to class
Ally and Brittany dancing2036 viewsAlly and Brittany dance elegantly at Stevie's house
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