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[Panorama] Waterford pond1753 viewsI saw this incredible cloud formation as I drove by Waterford, but I knew that the clouds would either darken out the land or the land would blow out the sky; so here is my first HDR panorama
Lancaster logs1747 viewsDuring our time in the area, these logs became one of my favorite things to shoot
Table boxes tower1729 viewsA picture of the stacked-to-cealing boxes at SLU during one of our last dinners
[Panorama] Perpendicular parking1722 viewsA wider angle shot of Adrian's brilliant park job
Braden...1721 views
Blake perched1718 viewsHe lifted himself up to the top of Mrs. Boyd's cabinet on Wild and Crazy day during spirit week
TMA Varsity Football 08 [Game 2]1709 viewsA shot from the Mandarin Christian VS Master's game on September 5th: be sure to purchase the Game 2 CD next Friday, these pictures will not be in the yearbook!
Last Year1702 viewsThats me last year......what happened :-?
The Biology video, basically1689 viewsI attempt to introduce Jon's 16th birthday party cake cutting, but Brittany and Daniel seem intent to Biologyize the video
Year book app.1682 views
Oscar, Nathan, James pictureday1681 viewsOscar and James with Nathan the muslim before the joke pictures on pictureday
The Rock Band1676 viewsMarsh, Tom, Andrew, and James rock out to The Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones; Marsh got extra points for his showmanship
Mosaic dog1659 views
Sniping1653 viewsNathan uses the scope to pick off some of the blue team members from afar
Adrian's guests1648 viewsAdrian made a special effort to keep the keychain's seat reserved1 comments
Muddy Michelle1641 viewsMichelle splashed with dirt from all of the root chopping chaos
FCC Cheer Camp 091641 viewsThis image is presized for Facebook and MySpace: you are encouraged to share it!
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Brothas balcony1629 viewsJayce, Stevie, and I up in the balcony at church
Sand Path1623 viewsA photo my Dad took during he and Michelle's trip home from Pennsylvania
FCC Cheer State 091623 viewsThis image is presized for Facebook and MySpace: you are encouraged to share it!
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