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Evan on character day107 views
Pop-Fire drill98 viewsSo the fire alarm goes off again and the complaining starts in
Four way push up145 viewsPeter, Kelsey, Amanda and Matt do a four way pushup for the pep rally, we came in second place
The bear is dead133 viewsNathan and Braden tore this bear to shreds along with Adrian, Daniel, and Rebekah
Friends at retreat after the games102 viewsRebekah, Ally, Brittany P, Lynn, Chris, Nathan, Brittany, and Josh Schultz all in a circle after a few retreat games on our first night
Friends at retreat hanging out231 viewsBraden, Brittany, Brittany P, Rebekah, and Chris in a smaller circle after our outside games
Friends before retreat95 viewsIt interests me that Rebekah scowls for this picture, and Braden actually TRIES to be in it; this was taken a few minutes before we all loaded onto the busses
Frog tent92 viewsSarah Cox's frog tent that she set up in Mr. Surkamer's bible classroom
Ghetto TMA84 viewsJustin showing an open-topped locker that most people threw their junk in
Football field macro133 views
Punishment236 viewsSam and Peter watch on as Mr. Gwaltney steps on Stevies abs
Happy Thanksgiving!137 viewsMarsh drew this on Miss Thomas' board
Ghostly Harris160 viewsMr. Harris watching on almost like the G-Man as we endure another fire drill2 comments
Retreat kids106 viewsBrittany and Mrs. Castaldi smile and wave as I snap a random shot of our high school in the main retreat room
Salted hotdog107 viewsNathan dumping pounds of salt onto his hotdog at retreat
The HQubed Army83 viewsWe had the idea to make an army-esque shot with Nathan, Stevie and I using lawn chairs as the only props; Nathan and I's "guns" are Adrian's and the fort is made up of my own; Stevie is dead because he was tired; Brittany took this great shot
Ice Cream and Cake81 viewsStevie and Brittany dance to Ice Cream and Cake, Braden immediately wants this on his MySpace, and I surprise attack Destiny
Inspector Gadget101 viewsJames dressed up as Inspector Gadget for character day
James and Jon112 viewsJames and Jonathan at retreat: Jon doing some zombie face while James wonders what's even going on
James antenae77 views
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