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Wild and Crazy Adrian233 viewsAdrian at lunch on Wild and Crazy day during spirit week
Adrian rocket launcher237 viewsAdrian with one of the "HQubed Army" rocket launcher-chairs
Adrian stuck117 viewsTo this day we have yet to figure out how he got himself stuck under that table
Adrian timeout96 viewsAdrian was bad during lunch so Mrs. Gwaltney put him in timeout haha
Adrian wall painted103 viewsAdrian by the wall on Spirit Day on the last day of spirit week
Adrian wall sophomore95 viewsAdrian by our favorite wall on a normal day
Adrian wall kick134 viewsAdrian slamming his foot into the wall while other people stand around and talk... "why"
Adrian yelling114 viewsThis was Adrian arguing his case against promiscuous women
Adrian's tastes100 viewsAdrian yelling to Nathan about how he has a yearning for women of good taste
Brittany loves... Adrian!233 viewsSigh, my attention was split as Adrian tried to show me something he made during Algebra 2, and Brittany was telling me who she loved oh so much
Destiny throwing172 viewsWe generally throw one petite girl a day around here, we have a quota to meet after all1 comments
Brittany hug attacked!443 viewsJustin begins his hug attack spree with then girlfriend Brittany
How to get in trouble1884 viewsAdrian, Pinks, Rebekah, Nathan and myself were thinking of ways to get in trouble after school
Superheros119 viewsMichaela and Alex dressed up for super hero day
Caesar Robinson1281 viewsAlex Robinson wearing the royal leaves in Miss Thomas' english class
Alex Potter244 viewsAlex donned these dork glasses and grabbed a "wand" during English class
Dynasty overthrown!245 viewsMr. Darnell put Alex in charge of the class room while he was outside talking, the class responded with chaos
Alex's manly pillow361 viewsI took this one of Alex at retreat, he was holding Rachel's "super cool" pink pillow
Alex Robinson102 viewsAlex poses for a picture at the football game
Ally, Nathan and Texas bloom288 viewsAlly, Nathan, and Texas pose for a picture after school
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