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Cabin fever138 viewsSophmore year voice recording later at night on day two of our retreat. Nathan and I were planning ideas of starting up an HQubed Radio recording thing. Adrian was obsessed with killing every single mosquito in the cabin, death toll rose above countable numbers. This recording took place less than ten minutes after Brittany got hit on heavily by Josh, at that point we didn't like him at all. Rather long, but great memories.
Cabin friends292 viewsA shot from inside my cabin at retreat
Castaldi basketball93 viewsMr. Castaldi playing basketball with his class on the last day of school
Bloody Castaldi92 viewsI took this picture of Mr. Castaldi after he took care of some business
Castaldi pants105 viewsA funny shot of Mr Castaldi acting out some Latin pricipal with his pants
Mr. Castaldi teaching104 viewsOne of the (few) shots that I got away with saying it was "for yearbook"
Chapman and us105 viewsMy friends and I with Mr. Chapman the day he came back to teach during Chapel
Christa's breakdown111 viewsA shot of Christa breaking down during 60's history class
Christa McKee107 viewsChrista at the football game
Chris and Daniel106 viewsChris and Daniel stole my camera and started taking random shots...
Ravenous Patterson105 viewsChris knawing on his book during study hall, he was quite hungry
Chris Laustsen341 viewsChris hops behind Mrs Laustsen's desk while she was away, hmm... Chris... teaching?
Chris downed138 viewsOne of the many shots taken during the Alex overthrow during history, every desk was like this
Chris ready to fight100 views
Chris during bible110 views
Messed up Chris109 viewsHe insisted I take this during english class for some reason lol, I almost got my camera taken but it was worth it :)
Nay!241 viewsChris wanted me to photoshop this as if to be him flicking us off1 comments
Chris before retreat146 viewsYou may laugh, but search hard enough, and you'll find a bad shot of everyone from that day :)
The patter-rat103 viewsA few of us suggested that Chris make a rat face for me to photoshop; now Nathan consistently calls Chris the Patterrat
Vortex Chris100 viewsA slow-shutter vortexy picture of Chris during bible class
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