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Looking at the Kingdom2523 viewsStevie, Brittany, and Michelle watching the Magic Kingdom play under an overhang
Cinderella kiss40 viewsStevie's third kiss of the day; Cinderella was making a lot of trouble with me wanting to do the same
Stevie has many wives36 viewsThe lipstick left over from Ariel's kiss
Stevie, Michelle, and Belle145 views
Stevie, Michelle, and Cinderella35 views
Stevie, Michelle, and Sleeping Beauty36 views
Pirate Stevie35 views
Sleeping Beauty kiss36 viewsStevie's second kiss of the day, that cheek got a lot of action
Stevie sleeping vs Splash Mountain179 viewsStevie didn't want to go on Splash Mountain, he was tired; we all stayed up until 5 the night before and woke up at 7
Sword in the Stone90 views
Wendy shocked45 viewsThe immediate reaction Wendy gave when Stevie asked for a kiss; "Wendy's only 12, shes just a girl after all..." to which I replied instantaneously "Well, Stevie's only 11?"
Geran sleeping37 viewsGeran fell asleep by himself with his hand over his head, so I did him the favor of having to actually block something
Adrian broke it1838 viewsAdrian looking through the pipe that he took off of a hose at Brittany P's 19th birthday
Burning junk704 viewsAdrian lighting the candles back up for Jon to blow them out at Brittany P's 19th birthday
Ally ball toss100 viewsAlly trying in vain to spike the "volleyball" during our game at Brittany P's 19th birthday
Ally underwater145 viewsAlly in what is probably my best to date shot underwater at Brittany P's 19th birthday
Sk8er Boi karekoe17836 viewsEverybody getting into the karaoke game with Avril Lavigne's Sk8er Boi at Brittany P's 19th birthday
Lighting the candles128 viewsBraden and Ally lighting Brittany's cake candles at Brittany P's 19th birthday
Watermelon present40284 viewsBraden and I's present to Brittany for her birthday, a pirate watermelon at Brittany P's 19th birthday
Braden ball bump86 viewsI tossed Braden the "volleyball" and he bumped it over but his hair was everywhere at Brittany P's 19th birthday
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