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Happy 16th birthday!


Michael's all-night LAN party and Rebekah's hot tub pool party

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Happy 17th birthday!


Michael's all-night LAN party, Adrian and Daniel's tour around Park Avenue and pinata smashing contest, Jon's LAN party and football game, Rebekah's hot tub pool party and man hunt, and Thomas' pool party

187 files, last one added on Sep 22, 2007
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Happy 18th birthday!


Michael's all-night LAN party and Hard Knocks combat sesions, Adrian and Daniel's house party and Funspot adventure, Jon's suprise party and Guitar Hero competition, and Lynn's first visit to Kobe Steakhouse

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Coppermine 2004


Jayce's tech job, resodding the Berg family lawn, and other various occasions.

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Coppermine 2005


The Beach Party, Winter Park Parade, ice skating, my Georgia trip, Huntington, and many parties.

281 files, last one added on Dec 04, 2006
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Coppermine 2006


Trips to the beach, Halloween Horror Nights, Cast and Class parties, Vacation Bible School, Grand Canyon vacation, and photos around FBC Orlando.

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Coppermine 2007


Tubing at Brooks', Halloween Horror Nights, Student Leadership University 101, Michelle's 15th birthday, Brittany P's 19th birthday, and many trips to Universal, the beach, and the RDV Sportsplex Ice Den.

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Coppermine 2008


Northland's Battle of the Bands and Kayla's St. Patricks day party, Riverside Fury football, trips to Flagler College and to New Smyrna beach, as well as The Eyes of God and Underdog Trio playing at Odin's Den.

335 files, last one added on Jul 30, 2009
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