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Student center ceiling128 viewsThe ceiling of the lunchroom-student center of Flagler college
Table boxes tower1765 viewsA picture of the stacked-to-cealing boxes at SLU during one of our last dinners
Table boxes tower 295 views
The group ice skaters97 viewsA bunch of my friends pose for a picture at the skating rink
The group ice skaters 2159 views1 comments
The group ice skaters 3100 viewsI hopped into this one
The group ice skaters 4169 viewsA different area of the rink, I thought it was quite funny1 comments
Tom ball bump178 viewsTom bumping the ball over the net in our volleyball game at Brittany P's 19th birthday
Patio people95 viewsTom, Braden, and Lynn on the patio watching the rest of us swim at Brittany P's 19th birthday
Trent gazing508 viewsSo basically, Trent needs to be kept on a leash at all times
Universal at night230 views
[Panorama] Waterford pond1790 viewsI saw this incredible cloud formation as I drove by Waterford, but I knew that the clouds would either darken out the land or the land would blow out the sky; so here is my first HDR panorama
Wendy shocked82 viewsThe immediate reaction Wendy gave when Stevie asked for a kiss; "Wendy's only 12, shes just a girl after all..." to which I replied instantaneously "Well, Stevie's only 11?"
Stop taking pictures of me!79 viewsBrittany trying to hide from my picture barrage
Stop taking pictures of me! 2104 viewsBrittany finally giving in to picture barrage
Brittany blue532 viewsAccidentally started shooting in tungsten white lighting balance
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