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Rocket Launchered91 viewsJayce getting a rocket to the face during a game of Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag
Matrix death94 viewsMe getting killed during a game of Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag by an energy orb after sending off my own
My Spray91 viewsMe showing off my custom spray in a game of Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag
Hotel distant80 viewsOne of my original shots from Georgia on our first Operation Christmas Child trip
Interpretive Dance86 viewsA Huntington friend doing an interpretive dance to pass the time
Saturday Morning110 viewsMe barely making it through a Saturday morning at Huntington; armed with a Coke Lime, attempting to fend off the tedious math work
Save Us!80 viewsWe try to cope with continuous math work Derrick kept bringing us
Bending Shelf90 viewsThe shelf that was bending (and about to snap) from all of the heavy books at Huntington
Ahhhh90 viewsBraden's second falling video, me saying hi to James and Rebekah at the RDV Sportsplex
Ally spins203 viewsAlly twirling on the ice at the RDV Sportsplex
Braden falls109 viewsBraden attempts to race the group, but fails brilliantly at the RDV Sportsplex
Mac jumping244 viewsMac shows off his jumping skills while James and Rebekah lace up their skates at the RDV Sportsplex
RDV Sportsplex Ice Skating208 viewsJames, Ally, Rebekah, Amanda, Brittany, Mac, and Braden getting ready to go ice skating, some for the first time
Jack and Phil Pews127 viewsTwo friends and two of our favorite kids from VBS 2005
Jack H. Crab79 viewsAdrian and Daniel's headcrab model from TMA character day shown here with the crowbar Adrian bought
James and Ally92 viewsJames and Ally taking a break from ice skating at the RDV Sportsplex
James and Anthony89 viewsA random snap of the two of them at the beach party
James awakened89 viewsWe woke James up once we were a mile out from the beach
James beach77 viewsJames posing at the beach
James hole86 viewsJames with his feet in the hole we dug at the beach
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