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Survey says!121 views
Superman84 viewsJayce showing off his rock on shirt while we were shopping at the Oviedo Mall
Jayce hates TFA140 views
Jayce sunbathed tree205 viewsJayce sunbathed in a tree at Noah and Luke's birthday party
Jayce wacked out205 views
Jayce with a RL2145 viewsJayce rolling around the office with a rocket launcher
The Biology video, basically1717 viewsI attempt to introduce Jon's 16th birthday party cake cutting, but Brittany and Daniel seem intent to Biologyize the video
Cameras247 viewsA random video from Jon's 16th birthday party where Stevie and Brittany dance together while Mac attempts to bodyguard block my camera... which audibly annoys me
Crappy MP3s225 viewsBrittany and Daniel listening to a Gwen Stefani song; Jon and I remark at the sickness of his purchasing habits1 comments
Gamers Hate Lag170 viewsAdrian, Alex, Jon, Mac, Justin, and James playing Halo 2 and Counter-Strike: Source; Justin hates lag
Justin's complaint222 viewsJustin talks about how he lates lag during a Counter-Strike: Source match while the others play Halo at Jon's 16th birthday party
Marsh complains381 viewsMarsh complaining about Halo 2 deaths at Jon's 16th birthday party
Jon's presents195 viewsJon unwrapping his presents at his birthday3 comments
Idiots Playing with Fireworks 2211 viewsJayce and I show you what not to do with firecrakers; Michelle and Jesse make an appearance
Idiots Playing with Fireworks 3214 viewsJayce using his Old Spice body spray and a household lighter to make a flamethrower
Makeup158 viewsAlly hiding from the camera at Stevie's house before the pool; Justin mocks her for trying to put on makeup1 comments
Justin Rock Rock On87 viewsJustin slams into Ally at Stevie's house while dancing around
Justin and Chris355 views"Ballers"1 comments
Justin and Mac gaming163 viewsJustin and Mac playing Counter-Strike Source at Jon's 16th birthday party1 comments
Justin smile81 viewsJustin hanging out at the RDV Sportsplex
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