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Michael climb mall166 viewsThe highest (without being seen by the rentacops) I could climb in the mall1 comments03/31/07 at 14:06btard: So if some random police man calls me to tell me m...
Low fidelity429 viewsA really good shot of my cracked Zune with some headphones1 comments03/28/07 at 19:16Guest_topher: Mad WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO THAT PIECE OF ART!...
Chris ladder141 viewsThis was about 12 feet off of the ground in the mall1 comments03/28/07 at 19:15Guest_topher: yup i deffinately am....get that 6 footer is afrai...
Jayce behind the machine311 viewsJayce wanted his Coke that never came out, so he squeezed in the tiny space to the right to whiplash the machine... didnt work :(1 comments03/08/07 at 18:06ChristaRose: this like when jayce said he might jump out of the...
Destroyed tire416 viewsChrista's destroyed tire, she also popped off the rim too1 comments03/05/07 at 15:58ChristaRose: that's not a blown tire. that's like.. no ...
Jayce Jump!163 viewsJayce jumped off a ledge at IOA with the sun in the background, turned out very well :)1 comments03/05/07 at 15:37ChristaRose: i don't care who you are.. that's pretty f...
No more giraffe693 viewsWe stopped at a Mc Donalds out on I-Drive and I hopped on the giraffe, my dad came over and stared me down telling me to be more responsible1 comments02/20/07 at 20:53Guest_brittnessgirl: LOL wow. ilu this is just funny.
Training to be rich290 viewsBraden came to the party late because he spent hours that day at a seminar1 comments02/20/07 at 20:51Guest_brittnessgirl: lol i recognize that smirk all 2 well.
The group ice skaters 4156 viewsA different area of the rink, I thought it was quite funny1 comments02/20/07 at 20:50Guest_brittnessgirl: i love how you are all hunched over but Daniel ref...
Hmmm216 viewsBraden and Lynn wonder2 comments02/20/07 at 20:49Guest_brittnessgirl: haha...yes. haha.
Posers163 viewsDaniela and I posing with awesomeness at the skating rink1 comments02/20/07 at 20:47Guest_brittnessgirl: Dorkssssss
Hmmm216 viewsBraden and Lynn wonder2 comments02/17/07 at 22:18Water: dear lord thats frightning XD
Hair monster!182 viewsMichelle getting a hair cut, the lady put all of her hair on her face. Amazing.1 comments02/17/07 at 21:38Daniel: LMAO and it's another tma kid too on the side,...
Locker magic153 viewsAbout 5 pairs of shoes and a bag stuff into a locker1 comments02/17/07 at 21:35Daniel: haha i think it was more like 7 pairs
Hmm, a kiss?4079 viewsBrittany kisses me on the forehead during out picnic; her nose is crazy scruched!3 comments02/10/07 at 18:49ChristaRose: fave. amazing. new myspace default!
Hmm, a kiss?4079 viewsBrittany kisses me on the forehead during out picnic; her nose is crazy scruched!3 comments02/09/07 at 00:08btard: talk about scruched up!
Ridin dirty260 viewsDaniel, Michelle, David and me sitting atop Chris' car at Wendy's; Ally happens to be standing on the trunk1 comments02/09/07 at 00:08btard: your sister's face cracks me up!
Hmm, a kiss?4079 viewsBrittany kisses me on the forehead during out picnic; her nose is crazy scruched!3 comments02/08/07 at 23:23Guest_brittnessgirl: oh my goodness, this picture is rly cute.
The group ice skaters 2148 views1 comments02/08/07 at 23:22Guest_brittnessgirl: aw. that's special.
Women enjoy urinals2185 viewsBrittany Hall and Brittany Reindl followed me into the guys bathroom at Walmart for some reason5 comments02/08/07 at 19:53CrimsonAndroid: Shocked
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