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Last additions - Sophomore Year
Pushing and shoving82 viewsMe and Brittany pushing eachother around in the rainNov 26, 2006
Im wet, it rocks214 viewsMe in Mr. Darnell's room all saokedNov 26, 2006
Rebekah wall88 viewsI took the picture and then she goes and asks, as usual, "why do you take those anyway?"Nov 26, 2006
Vortex Rebekah90 viewsNov 26, 2006
Trinity92 viewsRebekah dressed up as Trinity for character dayNov 26, 2006
Rebekah annoyed86 viewsMarsh was messing with her on and off and it really made her madNov 26, 2006
Raiding the machine128 viewsSomehow the candy machine got left open, and my friends and I were the first to notice, we mulled it over but because I was angry at Mrs. More we grabbed some in the video, so did a few other kids later, but we "put it back"Nov 26, 2006
Rachel sad316 viewsDefinitely one of my favorite pictures period; she had NO idea they were even behind her, she was just talking to a friend about something sad!Nov 26, 2006
Rachel's birthday crown86 viewsI took this before we all went into history class, but I like how her crown is all sparkelyNov 26, 2006
Rachel's crazy hair83 viewsNov 26, 2006
Rachel and Oscar88 viewsThis was only supposed to be of Rachel; the picture I finally took of her "after three days" had Oscar in it somehowNov 26, 2006
Rachel82 viewsNov 26, 2006
Rachel folder80 viewsThis was taken on the day that we all had green folders for air conditioning, she almost obscured her faceNov 26, 2006
Pushups91 viewsAdrian was told to do five pushups for saying "shut up" I believe, he collapsed after the last one!Nov 26, 2006
No sleep for Adrian86 viewsAdrian goes all loopy talking about rainbows and how our psycology team "The Blue Badgers" is winningNov 26, 2006
Lucky rabbit foot87 viewsBraden brought his lucky rabbit foot to the PLAN test today at Reformed Theological Seminary, everybody was petting it for good luckNov 26, 2006
Playing the piano79 viewsThe cast members of Lost in Yonkers around the piano in the gym lobbyNov 26, 2006
Peter wall kick93 viewsAnthony got ticked at him for this because it seems to copy the CatMan shotNov 26, 2006
Peter spoon81 viewsThis was taken of him at a football game, everybody was obsessed with the icee thingsNov 26, 2006
Peter trashcan jump83 viewsNov 26, 2006
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