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Last additions - Coppermine 2007
Tom and James hats67 viewsWe were leaving Halloween Horror Nights quite fine until some people had to go to the bathroom and we didn't want to get split up AGAIN; James and Tom starting shoppingOct 28, 2007
James and Rebekah evil2933 viewsJames and Rebekah in a slow sync picture while we were bored waiting in line at Halloween Horror NightsOct 28, 2007
The Scare Zone936 viewsMy friends and I walking through a scare zone on the way out of Halloween Horror NightsOct 28, 2007
Hyper Brittany2388 viewsBrittany P being INSANE while we waited in line for a haunted house at Halloween Horror NightsOct 28, 2007
Leaving HHN130 viewsMatt, Brittany, Tom, Brittany, Nikki, Rebekah, and James walking out and away from our night at Halloween Horror NightsOct 28, 2007
Brittany H slow synced63 viewsBrittany in a slowsync shot from Halloween Horror NightsOct 28, 2007
Brittany P slow synced184 viewsRebekah and I agree; this is much scarier than anything we saw at Halloween Horror Nights this yearOct 28, 2007
Braden slow sync956 viewsBraden looks like he's in some club with the streaming lightsOct 28, 2007
HHN slow sync fun322 viewsBraden Rebekah James Tom caught in my slow sync flashOct 28, 2007
Stop taking pictures of me! 291 viewsBrittany finally giving in to picture barrageOct 18, 2007
Stop taking pictures of me!66 viewsBrittany trying to hide from my picture barrageOct 18, 2007
Brittany blue518 viewsAccidentally started shooting in tungsten white lighting balanceOct 18, 2007
Beeyahweh pyramid837 viewsKyle on top of the spontaneous pyramid set up after bible study was finished for the nightOct 18, 2007
Student center ceiling116 viewsThe ceiling of the lunchroom-student center of Flagler collegeOct 10, 2007
Statue lights55 viewsOne of the statues in the Flagler student centerOct 10, 2007
Museum wedding kiss157 viewsI happened to walk into the museum right in time for a wedding to take place, and even just in time for the first kiss!Oct 10, 2007
Flagler museum53 viewsOct 10, 2007
Mom and Dad arches54 viewsMy parents under the entance arches to Flagler's lunchroomOct 10, 2007
Molley Wiley smokestack52 viewsAn interesting angle I took of the smokestack at Flagler collegeOct 10, 2007
Flagler college cafeteria ceiling94 viewsOct 10, 2007
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