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Last additions - Coppermine 2007
Dedication361 viewsBrittany reading Guns, Germs, and Steel with any eyepatch on (I mean why would that stop her?)Oct 10, 2007
Bird of Paradise building82 viewsA bird of paradise next to a building at Flagler collegeOct 10, 2007
Prince of Peace flags309 viewsThe flag carriers for the 50th anniversary celebration at Prince of PeaceSep 23, 2007
Kenny balloon head65 viewsWe were at Perkins and the balloon guy made a nice hat for herSep 23, 2007
Brittany and Kenny flags236 viewsBrittany and Kenny holding up the ceremonial flags for Prince of Peace's 50th anniversarySep 23, 2007
Police officer inspecting 253 viewsThe same officer checking a door for fingerprintsSep 22, 2007
Police officer inspecting202 viewsA MySpace style shot of a real police officer inspecting for fingerprintsSep 22, 2007
Michael gun range461 viewsMy dad and I went to the gun range; here I'm shootingSep 22, 2007
Kenny coffee66 viewsKenny hyped up on McDonald's new hazelnut coffeeSep 22, 2007
Gun rangers65 viewsMy dad and I with our guns in the light of a bulb at the gun rangeSep 22, 2007
Dad shooting64 viewsMy dad shooting off a rifle at the gun rangeSep 22, 2007
Brittany reporter64 viewsBrittany ready to jot down her reportSep 22, 2007
Drowning168 viewsAll of a sudden my tube went all submarine on me and I dived under for a few seconds, we tried for a second time with both floats for this pictureSep 11, 2007
Michael seperating54 viewsMichael trying to seperate Blake and I's tube from Kyle and KC'sSep 11, 2007
Success244 viewsMe on top of Jeff and Blake's shoulders seconds before they tried to buck me off; luckily I feel right onto their backsSep 11, 2007
Jeff dragged224 viewsJeff getting dragged along in the middle of our tubesSep 11, 2007
Collision58 viewsMe and Kyle collidiing with Jeff and Dave after a sharp turnSep 11, 2007
Kyle ripping55 viewsKyle trying to rip Dave and I off of our tubeSep 11, 2007
Michael keeping us together52 viewsTrying in vain to keep the two tubes together as we speed around the lakeSep 11, 2007
KC keeps it together55 viewsKC keeping the tubes together right before he fell throughSep 11, 2007
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