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Last additions - Coppermine 2007
Tourist Brittany79 viewsAug 03, 2007
Nap time86 viewsI saw this boy sleeping at a table in Cosmic Rays alone as I walked outAug 03, 2007
[Panorama] Road to college57 viewsThis is the road and the surrounding grassy land that leads to the farm collegeAug 01, 2007
[Panorama] College land225 viewsThis is my favorite panorama yet because of how big it is, its the path I took to get to the college's farm area and moreAug 01, 2007
[Panorama] Backyard pond181 viewsI took this one of my grandpa's pond in our backyard, it was my first panoramaAug 01, 2007
The "penn house"56 viewsThis is my grandparent's neighbor's house during the summertime; back when I was younger and it was my first time up to Pennsylvania with a camera, I called it that title; someday I might actually figure out who lives there!Jul 27, 2007
Neighbor bridge57 viewsThe bridge that's about 25 yards away from my grandparent's house that makes for some pretty scenic shotsJul 27, 2007
Trashcan reflection55 viewsI took this while waiting for an hour outside of the spy museum in Washington DCJul 27, 2007
Michael slow sync fun 288 viewsSpeak no evilJul 27, 2007
Michael slow sync fun585 viewsI have some crazy green eyebrows in this oneJul 27, 2007
Michael big cups56 viewsJul 27, 2007
Michael lancaster tracks56 viewsJul 27, 2007
Lancaster park eyes56 viewsA close up shot of my face while we were in the parkJul 27, 2007
Lancaster caboose71 viewsMe hanging off of one of the train cars that were converted into a museumJul 27, 2007
Bridge stream feet480 viewsMy feet on the bridge by a steam at my grandparentsJul 27, 2007
Female Body Inspector178 viewsThat's what everybody in 8th grade said they were when they wore those hatsJul 27, 2007
Reeses big cups1125 viewsMe and Michelle in the Reeses aisle of Hershey park1 commentsJul 27, 2007
Hershey jetski114 viewsMe and Michelle on some random jetski ad at Hershey parkJul 27, 2007
Michael and a beaver211 viewsSome random beaver skittered around past me and then tried to run up this tree with little successJul 27, 2007
Lancaster logs 2127 viewsAnother view of the logs near the train tracksJul 27, 2007
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