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Last additions - Coppermine 2005
Stevie and Brittany pool239 viewsBrittany and Stevie ready to jump into Braden's pool after watching The RingDec 04, 2006
VBS Pianists98 viewsTook this during the 2005 vacation bible school, it would seem that many, many children are playing the piano.Dec 03, 2006
We Will Rock You90 viewsJayce, Michelle, my mom, and I listening to the "We Will Rock You" song before leaving Blockbuster after VBSNov 26, 2006
Two Halls at Once94 viewsRebekah, Braden, and I watch as Chris pulls both Brittany and her brother into the pool in one labored attemptNov 26, 2006
Teepeed tree89 viewsNov 26, 2006
Stevie at sunrise110 viewsThis was taken at sunrise on our beach party dayNov 26, 2006
Michael and Stevie at sunrise196 viewsThis was taken at sunrise on our beach party dayNov 26, 2006
Michael and Nathan at sunrise81 viewsThis was taken at sunrise on our beach party dayNov 26, 2006
Sunrise of the beach party85 viewsNov 26, 2006
Sunrise of the beach party 3100 viewsNov 26, 2006
Trash! Beer!87 viewsStevie posing next to the mountain of trash at CrashoramaNov 26, 2006
Stevie sleeping203 viewsStevie sleeping on the beach during the partyNov 26, 2006
Stevie's pillows87 viewsNov 26, 2006
The Berg Monster Super Shoes199 viewsA very tired Stevie talks about my Berg Monster Super Shoes that press the pedals on the Berg Bus during the burning of our projectNov 26, 2006
Stevie in the early hours85 viewsBraden took this, the night of the beach partyNov 26, 2006
Stevie's hat80 viewsStevie tries on his new hat while working on our english project at his houseNov 26, 2006
Let Me Out!90 viewsStevie trying to escape over the construction fenceNov 26, 2006
Chris' Cupcakes230 viewsJustin, Mac, Stevie, Brittany, Ally, and I sign happy birthday to ChrisNov 26, 2006
Juice-It-Up Board107 viewsStevie in front of the Juice-It-Up boardNov 26, 2006
Ally and Brittany dancing2059 viewsAlly and Brittany dance elegantly at Stevie's houseNov 26, 2006
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