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Last additions - The Master's Academy (2004 - 2008)
Light painting161 viewsBraden was trying to figure out where we should go next while I took a chance to show off my new skill with the slow-sync flashJul 24, 2008
Enjoying the ride135 viewsBrittany P and Ally smile while on splash mountain before the ride startedJul 24, 2008
Going down!160 viewsA shot from Splash Mountain as we went down one of the mini falls in anticipation for the big dropJul 24, 2008
Sticking together324 viewsDavid brings up the rear of our get-through-the-line-alive iniciativeJul 24, 2008
Peter Pan's ride135 viewsTom, Brittany, and myself riding in one of the ships on the Peter Pan rideJul 24, 2008
Peter Pan's ride 2135 viewsJames and Chris fly by us on the Peter Pan rideJul 24, 2008
Peter Pan's ride 4129 viewsLynn and Rebekah eyeing the pirate ship on the Peter Pan rideJul 24, 2008
After our night233 viewsYou can tell the massive difference between the first and the second shot I took of the inside of our busJul 24, 2008
Mickey's PhilharMagic430 viewsFrom left to right: Tom, Chris, David, Nikki, James, myself, Braden, Brittany, Rebekah,Brittany, Lynn, Alex, Ally before entering the showJul 24, 2008
The fireworks show127 viewsJul 24, 2008
Michael and Brittany x2123 viewsJul 24, 2008
Soulja Tom132 viewsTom doing the Soulja Boy while we walked to the next ride stopJul 24, 2008
Gangsta' Lynn297 viewsLynn following Braden and the others in our line to get out of the mass of people waiting for the Haunted MansionJul 24, 2008
Peter Pan's ride 3134 viewsAlex, James, and Chris fly by us again on a turnJul 24, 2008
We're getting there145 viewsThis was a shot of our bus when everyone was full of energy at the beginning of the nightJul 24, 2008
The special entrance120 viewsThe Disney workers were more than happy to let Nikki through because of her "condition"Jul 24, 2008
Dancing in line259 viewsOur group ended up boring itself to death in line for the next ride, so Brittany P and Rebekah started a dance partyJul 24, 2008
Splash Mountain!278 viewsBoth Chris and I videoed this one, chronicleing our adventures on Splash MountainJul 24, 2008
Bill: Hyper, again201 viewsJust like Halloween Horror Nights, Brittany P drives Rebekah insane with her hyperactivityJul 24, 2008
Duckerson258 viewsWe stopped at a shop while waiting for the fireworks show to start- Chris, very quickly, found and bought this duck beakJul 24, 2008
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