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Most viewed - Sophomore Year
Driving to retreat10178 viewsMe, Stevie, and Adrian on the bus to retreat
Darnell licorice5649 viewsMr. Darnell led our cabing this year and he passed out candy
Normal behavior4727 viewsChris and Adrian were talking about something, I slammed my body into the wall right next to them
Goal hanging4589 viewsMe, Stevie, and Anthony climbing all over the football goalpost
Muscular studs4042 viewsBrittany and Daniel show off their muscular arms1 comments
How to get in trouble1894 viewsAdrian, Pinks, Rebekah, Nathan and myself were thinking of ways to get in trouble after school
Choral night1832 viewsAdrian, Daniel, and Brittany at the chorus Christmas recital
Whitney gum1593 viewsWhitney doing her part to win the retreat relay race
Caesar Robinson1292 viewsAlex Robinson wearing the royal leaves in Miss Thomas' english class
Michael angry1280 viewsI dropped my camera and busted it AGAIN so I told Adrian to take this pic of me
WTF blue?949 viewsApparently I didnt understand color temperature at that point; Julie clark tells me that she hates cameras and videos basically
Balanced brothers914 views1 comments
Cheerleader Julie797 views
Romeo and Juliet778 viewsTaken during my sophmore year while we were starting the Romeo and Juliet movie; at one point, Miss Thomas walked out of the room and a "racy" part of the movie was shown on the screen, her reaction near the end is priceless.
Stevie's bow675 views
Justin elevator ditch661 viewsJustin pushes the forbidden elevator button and then runs off yelling about how much of a rebel he is
The takedown614 viewsNathan and Texas stare eachother down
Brittany hug attacked!454 viewsJustin begins his hug attack spree with then girlfriend Brittany
Stevie carries Destiny.jpg
Marriage carry444 viewsStevie carries off Destiny4 comments
The Munozes442 views1 comments
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