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Most viewed - Sophomore Year
BYOB435 viewsJustin and Nathan rock out along with James, Stevie, Destiny, and I in her car
Viva La Stapas415 viewsWhile I have no idea what this means, Daniel drew it during Spanish in his unique style1 comments
Adrian's dream414 viewsAdrian generally had some interestingly out there story to tell us every morning of Psycology class, today he had one of King Kong and Elvis and some stuff
Bus412 viewsThe busride to retreat was a long one this year...
Adrian and Jared409 viewsI cant recall what the real point of having those things on his ears was1 comments
Pino peace394 views
James coat hanger393 viewsHe has a habit of sticking things on his head1 comments
Show your support!390 viewsDaniel and Nathan showing their support for Breast Cancer research3 comments
Ally paparazzi378 viewsAlly uses her pocket organizer to harrass Brittany and Braden before the retreat
Green file folders378 viewsMiss Thomas was gracious enough to supply us with green file folders to keep cool during a sweltering summer day without air conditioning
Alex's manly pillow374 viewsI took this one of Alex at retreat, he was holding Rachel's "super cool" pink pillow
Adrian dark clouds372 viewsI was taking dramtic photos of everyone that day, those were some of the heaviest clouds I had ever seen around TMA1 comments
The secrets to our picture362 viewsWe didnt all climb up to the top, it was a pretty structured hoisting process1 comments
Chris Laustsen348 viewsChris hops behind Mrs Laustsen's desk while she was away, hmm... Chris... teaching?
Eng2h - Me
=D346 viewsStevie insisted on the face, though he wanted a picture not a video.2 comments
Pianist Adrian345 viewsAdrian playing the piano in the lobby, surprisingly he's quite good
Interesting faces343 viewsMe looking pretty crazy, Nathan headbanging, and Jayce being a very happy guy1 comments
Braden on his cell342 views
Texas slip and slide340 viewsAndrew running at me after just going through the slip and slide
Hiding or stupidity327 viewsI took this video before retreat, everybody was either hiding their face from the camera, or just doing something stupid; we had a lot of energy2 comments
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