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Most viewed - Sophomore Year
Rachel sad316 viewsDefinitely one of my favorite pictures period; she had NO idea they were even behind her, she was just talking to a friend about something sad!
Adrian and Josh drawing312 views
Spirit Day Bow307 viewsI dont remember how this one got on me (I think it was Brittany)2 comments
Mah Dawg Brittany302 viewsI took this picture of her during retreat, for some reason she just looked like a dog to me? :)
Ally, Nathan and Texas bloom302 viewsAlly, Nathan, and Texas pose for a picture after school
Michael Blue Sky302 views
Cabin friends299 viewsA shot from inside my cabin at retreat
Reprimanded299 viewsI was being yelled at by Mr. Gwaltney for something while Stevie snapped a random picture of us, then he got yelled at too4 comments
Girly mustaches298 viewsAlly and Lynn were hyped up on candy when Stevie took this... at least, that's their explination
Ally and the Brittany's294 viewsAlly, Brittany P, and Brittany H during lunch on Spirit Day during spirit week
The master key293 viewsAdrian, somehow, always seems to be able to smoothly ask for the TMA master key, and the office ladies just let him have it, even for periods at a time... someday we need to go and copy that thing...
Britt smile292 viewsEasily my favorite picture of her all year, I cursed Stevie out to get this!3 comments
Justin fag jacket.jpg
The FP jacket285 viewsJustin wore Brittany's jacket and had a great time in it during bible1 comments
Incredible cookies283 viewsBrittany used to bake cookies all the time for us, Stevie took this picture of her during the showing of The Incredibles at the school field
Adrian chairs281 views
Sean's Decision280 viewsThis was taken during Latin when we were outside. The first thing I thought was "Sean's choice between childhood and Adulthood" etc...1 comments
Chipfaced Adrian276 viewsI was taking a picture of the entire table when Adrian randomly popped into the frame
Michael pipe269 viewsStevie and I were walking around the lobby hitting things with those pipes and posing, too
Bobby Down267 viewsI took this of Bobby during math, he gave me some WTF kinda face for taking pictures during class
Julie rolled265 viewsRyan rolls Julie during the relay race
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