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Most viewed - Sophomore Year
Latin leapfrog208 viewsJames, Julie, and Mac play leapfrog outside during Latin class
Michael with a bow208 viewsStevie was like, higher, higher, left, left, ok right, got it! (and I had no idea what he even meant); we took this in English class
Mr. Chapman207 viewsChapman came back for a day to speak in chapel, we pretty much pounced on him
Nathan and Chris204 viewsNathan and Chris eating and chilling at retreat
Mud walking204 viewsNormally this is a muk pond, but the one day it begins to get cracked and sandy, Adrian decides to traverse it
Chris and Brittany WTF204 viewsChris and Brittany hanging out after school, Brittany has some WTF look on her face2 comments
Adrian photographer201 viewsI took this the day we left for retreat, everybody had a camera
Sean's an Angel198 viewsThe sky behind Sean was "just-so" and he looks like an angelic being from God
Katie innocent198 views
James at lunch pensive197 views
Michael and Brittany retreat196 viewsI reluctantly took a picture of Brittany and me before we left for retreat
Sleepy Justin193 viewsJustin fell asleep in a corner during retreat while the rest of us played games1 comments
Britt the man192 viewsBrittany showing off her manly arms
Sparkles Munoz!192 viewsDaniel talking to Brittany at lunch, haha I'm reaaaaaly mean1 comments
Destiny throwing189 viewsWe generally throw one petite girl a day around here, we have a quota to meet after all1 comments
Nathan run over187 viewsWe werent allowed out in the road with the chair but we got close
Force war185 viewsStevie and I treating the pipes as if they were lightsabers
Braden's pimpage181 will be up in the coming months (no joke)1 comments
James in character181 viewsJames before a dress rehersal for Lost in Yonkers1 comments
Chuggin energy180 viewsAdrian had just bought a monster at Eckerds as we all start yelling at him to finish it in 20 seconds1 comments
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