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[Panorama] Waterford pond1776 viewsI saw this incredible cloud formation as I drove by Waterford, but I knew that the clouds would either darken out the land or the land would blow out the sky; so here is my first HDR panorama
Lancaster logs1770 viewsDuring our time in the area, these logs became one of my favorite things to shoot
Table boxes tower1752 viewsA picture of the stacked-to-cealing boxes at SLU during one of our last dinners
Fluffy hair rewind1344 viewsMe from a few weeks ago before a haircut; haha I could have fluffy hair still if I wanted :)
Reeses big cups1122 viewsMe and Michelle in the Reeses aisle of Hershey park1 comments
Braden slow sync956 viewsBraden looks like he's in some club with the streaming lights
The Scare Zone936 viewsMy friends and I walking through a scare zone on the way out of Halloween Horror Nights
Riding the Hulk931 viewsMy first time riding The Hulk at IOA, it was at night, but the audio is pretty funny
Jurrasic problem929 viewsWe got on the Jurrasic Park water adventure ride thing and then, two feet before we could get off, it broke down. We ended up sitting there for five minutes, and after just two I started making up excuses of why I should get out NOW
Beeyahweh pyramid837 viewsKyle on top of the spontaneous pyramid set up after bible study was finished for the night
Not the flash!758 viewsMy friends in the movie theatre hiding from Ben and I's cameras
David is angry749 views
Burning junk737 viewsAdrian lighting the candles back up for Jon to blow them out at Brittany P's 19th birthday
No more giraffe693 viewsWe stopped at a Mc Donalds out on I-Drive and I hopped on the giraffe, my dad came over and stared me down telling me to be more responsible1 comments
Michelle's makeout shield651 views2 comments
Kid on a leash632 viewsThis would be the second time that I have seen this happen- poor guy
Thunder mountain632 views
Michael slow sync fun583 viewsI have some crazy green eyebrows in this one
Niko and Justin544 viewsA very happy Niko on the way to Planet Hollywood for her 16th birthday2 comments
APA Wall534 viewsI took a photoshootesque batch of shots of APA: Andrew Lee, Paul, and Andrew Marchese
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