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Most viewed - Coppermine 2006
Kker baker = love20856 viewsMe painting the sides of Stevie's house; the last photo of my longest hair before the full cut
Amy, Amanda, and Laura7942 viewsAmy, Amanda, and Laura pose for a picture at the Junior class Christmas party
Talking to Animals6810 viewsAdrian "talking to animals" while at the beach
Chef Brittany's pancakes5825 viewsChef Brittany's pancake making mishap at Adrian and Daniel's
Rundown Shop5155 viewsJayce and I at the Outlet mall messing around in the rundown food court
Beeyahweh 20063457 viewsJon, Brad, Dave, Brooks, Evan, Blake, Joey, Kyle, myself, Brett, and James at Dave's church during a Beeyahweh '06 meeting
Ustube?3332 viewsAll it is is Jayce and I in the tube...
Chainsaw Men2974 viewsThe chainsaw men crew walking around Halloween Horror Nights
Receptionist Brittany2605 viewsBrittany "working" at Chris' family's office on the day of the yard sale
Hallister and Loserface2250 viewsBrittany and I ran to the van in the rain at Waterford and started drawing on the windows
Very very quiet2201 viewsJayce talks nonstop during the video and I show that not only do I have some ridiculous ankle socks on, but that I'm also wearing one of Jayce's shirts
The Girls Bathroom!1969 viewsAdrian enters the girl's bathroom during our summer break before Junior year and is horrified at the sight
Brothas balcony1651 viewsJayce, Stevie, and I up in the balcony at church
Braden's pool hat1533 viewsBraden wearing his "pool hat" at Brittany P's grandparent's house
Collaboration1238 viewsJayce, Phil, and I I I were working together to come up with a good way for Jayce to break the ice with this cute blond leader girl
Wet Bucket of Mess1137 views
Braden's love of Coke1131 viewsBraden with his six cups of coke at Chili's
Michelle at the conument1040 viewsI took a picture of Michelle posing by the monument at the Hoover dam... we actually took a picture of me too but I (stupidly) deleted it because of how crazy-long my hair looked :\
Michelle missed the pose1014 views1 comments
Michael summer hair828 views
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