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The demon mini-xbox42947 viewsAdrian and Daniel also bought me a 4000 point microsoft points card but it took me a good five minutes to open the package it was in
Watermelon present40311 viewsBraden and I's present to Brittany for her birthday, a pirate watermelon at Brittany P's 19th birthday
Muscle men23271 viewsIt was a fun night to show off
Kker baker = love20856 viewsMe painting the sides of Stevie's house; the last photo of my longest hair before the full cut
The pose20849 viewsAdrian and Tom doing their pose while Rebekah's opening her presents
Presents baby19133 views
Sk8er Boi karekoe17863 viewsEverybody getting into the karaoke game with Avril Lavigne's Sk8er Boi at Brittany P's 19th birthday
Sleeping off limits10221 viewsSome kid made a bed out of the stairs in Ford's theatre in Washington DC right behind the rope
With Your Girlfriend7949 viewsAdrian hanging out with the two Hard Knocks mission regulator chicks
Amy, Amanda, and Laura7931 viewsAmy, Amanda, and Laura pose for a picture at the Junior class Christmas party
Playing N from below7840 viewsJayce is reallly thinking hard about his game1 comments
Talking to Animals6790 viewsAdrian "talking to animals" while at the beach
Video games at the mall6402 viewsWe went to the mall for a late movie and ended up playing a few games before getting in; randomly saw Mr. Surkamer there too
Carmel and Nip5820 viewsCarmel and Nip, my two gerbils, in their cage.
Chef Brittany's pancakes5814 viewsChef Brittany's pancake making mishap at Adrian and Daniel's
Brittany and Chris kiss5308 viewsBrittany and Chris set up by Braden to mimick a kiss at Jon's birthday party5 comments
Rundown Shop5152 viewsJayce and I at the Outlet mall messing around in the rundown food court
Mom raking4973 viewsMy mom raking the dead grass that would soon be replaced by new sod
My destroyed room4795 viewsSo I came home to this today...
Fish faced Michael Berg4779 viewsI'll kill you
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