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Yay minisnacks!59 viewsMe holding up some miniature raisins at the Second Harvest Food Bank
Braden the model40 viewsI took this completely random shot and it turned out well
Crushing boxes45 viewsBraden and I crushing boxes at the Second Harvest Food Bank; somehow I had a terribly hard time getting them broken down
Some of the trash40 viewsJustin took this great picture of the trash at 2nd Harvest... yummy
Taking out the trash42 viewsJanssen and Ray take out the trash at the Second Harvest Food Bank
The happy workers39 viewsA group shot of the volunteers at the Second Harvest Food Bank
Waterbottle tossing121 viewsBraden, Justin, and Nathan were taking turns tossing a massive waterbottle full of TMA fountain water up in the air to break it
Wild and crazy lineup75 viewsEsther, Rebekah, Alex, Adrian, and Ryan lined up for the Wild and Crazy day judgeing during spirit week
Unaware Wesley64 viewsEric wrote this on the board behind Wes when he wasn't looking
Wes chuck80 viewsWesley throwing things back and forth to the bleachers at Coach Sarasty, Eddie, and Eric
Yearbook work192 viewsHmm... something is wrong here; it seems like there's an inordinate amount of me in this tEaM1 comments
Yearbooks!91 viewsThe gym packing in for the arrival of this year's yearbooks
Wild and Crazy yearbook day216 viewsStevie and Justin we're FREAKING OUT to the song that was blasting while the rest of us tried to look busy (er, work)1 comments
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