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6th grader chase806 viewsWe dont like 6th graders... in actuality, we run them off quite violently
Adrian's insides405 viewsAdrian became the subject of my 2 in 1 fun during biology
Marriage!2427 viewsWhat marriage would look like for Adrian and Brittany
A Munoz lunchtime261 viewsAdrian and Daniel being crazy at lunch
Mountain Dew man1189 viewsAdrian drinking it up during lunch
Drunkman273 viewsAdrian was acting crazy after the play, we took it, calling the motion blur the "drunk effect"
Adrian breaking the rules245 viewsAdrian listens to his iPod on the way to the play
Cowboy Adrian426 viewsAdrian riding the horse at FYE
Adrian's masterpiece253 viewsAdrian randomly came into the lobby to show me this during drama class
Math battle519 viewsAlehandro beats me up during Algebra 1
Algebra 1 lecture285 viewsMr. McDaniel lecturing us as a substitute during Algebra 1, I took out my camera and freaked out Kyle Cominski haha
Algebra 1 lecture 2471 viewsMore video from Algebra 1, just showing you my classmates
Amanda kills Sarah269 viewsAmanda snuck behind Sarah during our last day of Biology and proceeded to take her out
Anthony wall399 viewsOur faviorite wall at TMA, our faviorite Anthony at TMA
Grannie Aubrey1263 viewsAubrey after her makeup job by Tim Wolf
Biology gloves1083 viewsOne of the later recordings during my freshmen year in Mr. Herzig's biology class, Nathan is in the military, and yes, Brittany, we know you dont like gloves. Code: Jackass.
Biology balloon fight406 viewsBalloons flying everywhere, hard rocker kids in jackets, and Brittany Hall's leg! Lucky us!
Documenting EVERYTHING245 viewsIt was, basically, our last few hours of our freshmen year anyway?
Last Biology video522 viewsShowing off the class as usual, Robby's over there pimping it up with Melissa
The man hug885 viewsAdrian, under Nathan's will, hugged defenseless me from behind during Biology
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