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Your Mr. McBuddy127 viewsAdrian was, is, whatever, scared to death of this man, his "Mr. McBuddy" (McFriend, McAmigo...)
Xenophant114 viewsMr. Hackett brought in this cinderblock from somewhere, Mac and Nathan decided to color a face onto it and call it Xenophant
Woh, Hello117 viewsRachel Smith lead worship during one of our chapel services, when she finished and bent down to put away her guitar, Pastor Charlie turned around with a mike in hand and exclained "Woh, Hello" spawning laughter from my friends and I for months to come. Experience the fun once more as, yes, we caught him on tape.
Whitney worked on141 viewsWhitney having her fairie makeup applied by Tim Wolfe
Where's the HackettCam?113 viewsHmm, so can anyone hasten a guess as to where my webcam is secretly set up?
What? That was gross184 viewsKatie hates pictures, but a random video after Nathan's tormenting of a child turned into yet another mess with Katie time
What is that kid doing?103 viewsWe were waiting outside of the play for our chance to take our seets, this kid and his mom pulled up, but I couldnt help but laugh at the face he was making while trying to get out!
Welcome to the store107 viewsMy friends and I decided that the current marquee was too boring, so we totally re-arranged and replaced the selections with our own :)
We're all gonna die!1050 viewsWell, what do you expect, a normal Latin video? Hah! More like, a DOOMSDAY Latin video!
Wasting away4305 viewsExaustion and hunger overtake our Latin class, as the majority of us waste away
USBBrittany365 viewsBrittany stole my MP3 cable during Biology; I kept telling her to give it back, Adrian decided to be civil and pleaded with her instead, notice his hands on the side of the frame
Underclassmen abuse176 viewsNathan randomly felt like beating on Glen just for being there
Turn around...96 viewsTrying to leave the mall on time (we ended up not) I was behind Rachel, but she decided to turn around and be a jerk
Tim Wolfe108 viewsTim Wolfe, Michaela's uncle, the makeup master
The Sexy Camisol395 viewsDaniel standing next to his sexy model at the mall after the play2 comments
The man hug802 viewsAdrian, under Nathan's will, hugged defenseless me from behind during Biology
The Latin afterschoolers267 viewsMr. Hackett, Mr. Chapman, Justin, and me all hanging out after school on the last day; rock on!
The Hand of God468 viewsI took this of Mr. Hackett's clock (which is now in my rooom); I thought nothing of it, but he said it looked like the hand of God
The halls135 viewsI took this video on my way to next period, I messed with the usual people haha
The flash trick108 viewsA trick my friends and I learned back on the Washington D.C. field trip, Rachel, at first, didn't believe us; we proved her wrong
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