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The first video263 viewsThe first video ever taken at TMA, Adrian is scared of the camera, Brittany doesent like gloves
Bottoms up!216 viewsOur last day in Life Management, Adrian and Nathan teamed up to supply our group with energy drinks, money goes to whoever can guess who we are by our sleeves
USBBrittany359 viewsBrittany stole my MP3 cable during Biology; I kept telling her to give it back, Adrian decided to be civil and pleaded with her instead, notice his hands on the side of the frame
Brooks pink jacket283 viewsRachel asked me minutes prior "why do you always have a camera Michael Berg?"; here's your answer, Rachel!
BTard's a retard264 viewsThis was the very first voice recording we took during Mr. Herzig's class, Brittany, Adrian, and I can be heard in this one. Alehandro was moving a TV out of the room.
Chapman's pink pants328 views
Chris wallet215 viewsBrittany took this shot on the way to the play
The Sexy Camisol386 viewsDaniel standing next to his sexy model at the mall after the play2 comments
Crazy Daniel297 viewsDaniel gives me a crosseyed look during latin1 comments
Daniel at lunch296 viewsA picture of Daniel at lunch, Brittany P is kinda there too2 comments
Daniel odd face208 viewsDaniel flashes me an odd face before we left for lunch during Latin
Danny Ryan201 views
Dead Destiny844 viewsDestiny after makeup... after being murdered
Don the genius234 views(Apparently) y=mx+cheese
Drama obsessions94 viewsI reveal my deepest secrets... just a little
Dramatically threatened96 viewsFor some reason i thought that taking a video of the drama guys in the bathroom would be a good idea...
My dumb crash video262 viewsI was pretending that the camera was a plane... :(
Dwight Lewis102 views
Dwight to the office97 viewsTaking videos at school can be dangerous!
English class92 viewsChris Patterson says hello to the camera and Joey Antonelli puts his pen... in his face
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