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Justin in chapel108 viewsJustin, sitting next to Chris, smiles for the camera during chapel
Katie and Cologne103 viewsIt was the general practice of the day to take hundreds of pictures of Katie; here is one of the very few that actually survived deletion; Stevie's holding up some good smelling cologne
Katie desk113 viewsProbably my favorite picture of Katie that year (Nathan ruined it with his finger); she was using my MP3 player at the time
Katie Harris332 viewsStevie took this one I believe (maybe it was me, who knows); she actually decided to pose for our pictures eventually, even though she denied that any looked good
What? That was gross184 viewsKatie hates pictures, but a random video after Nathan's tormenting of a child turned into yet another mess with Katie time
What is that kid doing?103 viewsWe were waiting outside of the play for our chance to take our seets, this kid and his mom pulled up, but I couldnt help but laugh at the face he was making while trying to get out!
Latin artistry216 viewsVarious doodles and graffiti drawins by my classmates in Latin class
Daniel sleeps...97 viewsA classic video from Latin, Daniel fell asleep and promptly had things chucked at him
Buy Metroid Hunters!116 viewsNathan and I nerding it up during a boring bit of Latin, wireless gaming on our DS's
Hello grandma!120 viewsStevie decides to marry the manican on one of our last days of school, apparently a hand on the heart means a hand on the styrofoam chest
Justin is EVIL143 viewsJustin, ever ready to argue, gets told why he is evil, immediately he has an equally thought-through rebuttal
Bring it down tonight207 viewsJustin and I on the very last day of school tearing down the HackettCam lettering on the board
Spear volting185 viewsProbably not the smartest thing I've ever done, I decided to pole volt around the room with a spear, I made some impressive kicks though!
Nathan's coffee189 viewsNathan exhibiting the effects of caffine, pan right, and we see that Mac is about to shoot Daniel! 1 comments
Nathan's flippy hair232 viewsHanging out in Mr. Hackett's room after school (as usual), Nathan perfected an interesting ability...
Nathan hyper dragged out140 viewsHonestly, just a video of us random freshmen being hyper; Nathan is getting drug out of the classroom
Nathan in the cabinet180 viewsAssumably this video was taken on March 5th, it would SEEM that Mr. Hackett is hiding Mexicans in his cabinet
Our Latin class99 viewsKind of a pointless video, Nathan took this showing off our classmates
Productivity?96 viewsOne of those "motivational videos" you hear so much about
Smile, morons100 viewsNathan and I still nerding it up on our DS's, Mac decides that he needs to tormet everyone a little bit
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