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Wasting away4344 viewsExaustion and hunger overtake our Latin class, as the majority of us waste away
We're all gonna die!1087 viewsWell, what do you expect, a normal Latin video? Hah! More like, a DOOMSDAY Latin video!
The first Latin video270 viewsThe first Latin video ever taken, this spurred a few hundred more afterwards as the year progressed; this was basically taken just to capture the people who dont like their picture taken anyway
Playing with Katie153 viewsWe set up the video camera and told Joey to mess with Katie
Latin class194 viewsA random snapshot of life in Latin, Stevie listening to my CD player, people sleeping, and me in the back talking to Mr. Hackett
Life Management class132 viewsDaniel took this shot during our last Life Management class
The flash trick142 viewsA trick my friends and I learned back on the Washington D.C. field trip, Rachel, at first, didn't believe us; we proved her wrong
Michael flipping a can244 viewsWhat goes up, must come down... A video of me and my flipping habit
No man is an island127 viewsSean enlightens us with an intersting Life Managment fact
Rachel's video161 viewsRachel Bowen takes a video of a few of us Life Management guys
Freshmen pizza124 viewsBraden Crowell's mom brough in pizza for the entire freshmen class at lunch!
Nathan's toast131 viewsNathan highlights all of the things we did, or didnt, do this year
Messing with Ally155 viewsAlly hated me taking videos of her :( Oh well!
Sugar!244 viewsNathan and Justin consume mass amounts of sugar... does it show?
Made-up261 viewsAubrey, Stevie, Michaela, and Whitney after having makeup applied by Tim Wolfe
Welcome to the store145 viewsMy friends and I decided that the current marquee was too boring, so we totally re-arranged and replaced the selections with our own :)
Michael and James at the mall152 viewsJames and I at the mall after the play... this was originally supposed to be a picture of our entire table haha
Michael and Mr. Hackett132 views
Chillin on the playground131 viewsMe, Oscar and Michelle chilling on the TMA playground, rocking out, and hiding from TEEEEACHERS
Michael freshmen bus129 viewsWow this is sooo old haha; I took this picture of myself on the way to the mall after the play
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