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Nathan grew his hair out161 viewsNathan wearing the manican's hair after school in Mr. Hackett's room
Nathan hiding under desk151 views
Underclassmen abuse223 viewsNathan randomly felt like beating on Glen just for being there
Nathan with infractions276 viewsNathan stole Mr. Hackett's infractions daily; that way, he couldn't write us up when he wanted to :)
Locked out1005 viewsSometimes Mr. Hackett just needed his space... away from Nathan
Nathan at lunch257 views
Scary Nathan142 views
Skullhead256 viewsNathan brought some random skull to Latin class, completed by the manican hair
Nathan voice recording323 viewsNathan using my MP3 player to voice record some stuff about Michael Jackson and little kids; sadly I've since lost the file itself :(
No horizontalization248 viewsI took a picture of this sign at the play, and at the time, I never noticed (on the 1 inch screen) that Nathan popped in at the last second
Downtown Orlando1173 viewsI took this shot to show off the Downtown Orlando scenery; Mr. Fair messed with me about it for a different reason
Tha Powerback266 viewsOscar Moreno on the way to football practice
Oscar and Chris259 views
My Personal Fitness class942 viewsHaha girls everywhere! Rachel playing with her hair, Katie in my jacket, Ally hiding from the camera...
Riiing my bell311 viewsRachel and Amanda singing during Personal Fitness
Softball game260 viewsWe were playing softball in Personal Fitness class, I was up next, but at the moment I was studying Latin... dont ask what the mp3 player was for O:)
An uneventful chapel316 viewsMy friend and I decided to take a rather long recording during chapel, Justin and Nathan basically talk the entire time, but thats what keeps you interested.
Rachel Bowen301 views
Rachel jacketsharing177 viewsHaha, at the time it was common
Sarah skeleton169 viewsI took a picture of the skeleton for pretty much no reason at all, so Sarah jumped over into the frame to make things more interesting
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