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Rachel Bowen247 views
Rachel jacketsharing123 viewsHaha, at the time it was common
Sarah skeleton117 viewsI took a picture of the skeleton for pretty much no reason at all, so Sarah jumped over into the frame to make things more interesting
Sean and Evan219 viewsRachel took this one during our last day of Life Management
Redhead redwall154 views1 comments
Sean stinks102 viewsSean Clancy is really pathetic isnt he?
Signs to come...94 viewsAs soon as my mom had left the campus I started taking shots of the insuing chaos of the day
Area 5188 viewsShooting stuff up in FYE after the play
Area 51 and DDr219 viewsSome more shooting action, but more of a video to showcase Daniel's DDR skills
Barnes and Nobel95 viewsI decided to walk into Barnes and Nobel this time around, Caitlin flashes a cute pose as I go by
K9 Advantix86 viewsBrittany took this video on the bus ride to the Shakespere Festival; remember, fleas, ticks, mosquitos, really bother Lynn!
Bus rides are long...85 viewsJustin mimics the AOL addage of incomplete virus protecting, and Adrian wants me to take a picture of Testigos 0_o
Daniel DDR114 viewsA full video of Daniel playing DDR at FYE after the play
James playing baseball111 viewsJonathan took this video of James playing baseball at FYE, James misses and gets mad :(
Michael MP3 on bus114 viewsAdrian and Daniel took this one of me listening to "I Hate Everything About You" on my MP3 player; kids are screaming in the background
Turn around...92 viewsTrying to leave the mall on time (we ended up not) I was behind Rachel, but she decided to turn around and be a jerk
Swoft hair113 viewsJulie Clark has soft (swofft) hair, Stevie loves to touch it
Stevie and Mom Lunchroom236 viewsStevie has only recently started to allow pictures of himself since this photo was taken
Stevie and mom lunchroom108 viewsMessing around in the lunchroom with Stevie and my mom
Stevie on the prowl108 viewsStevie after being made up by Tim Wolfe
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