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Adrian and Daniel dancing397 viewsAdrian and Daniel dancing like maniacs at the Homecoming dance
[Panorama] Adrian blocking TMA entrance943 viewsAdrian and I did a whole spree of "perpendicular parking" shots, this time we blocked the front gate of TMA for a few minutes
Adrian lol calculator192 viewsAdrian making art on his Ti-84 plus during College Algebra
Adrian's political party26514 viewsAdrian working on the logo design for his Cannabis Party during Government
Escalade Curb park189 viewsAdrian's second accidental park job, he didnt know he couldnt park in the yellow dashing lines, so when I finally yelled stop, he ran up on the curb
Adrian's guests1704 viewsAdrian made a special effort to keep the keychain's seat reserved1 comments
Adrian's park job2095 viewsAdrian was running very late to school, so just moments before the late bell rang, he quick zipped into this spot and ran to class
Adrian's perpendicular parking5362 viewsA brilliant man, Adrian made a parking spot where no one else would: in between two parallelly parked cars, effectively blocking both from leaving until he did1 comments
[Panorama] Perpendicular parking1777 viewsA wider angle shot of Adrian's brilliant park job
Adrian sleeping glasses184 viewsAdrian sleeping during the first five minutes of Government class after he sat down
Adrian sleeping glasses 2190 viewsI asked Mrs. Boyd and Marsh to get around Adrian as he slept, he woke up seconds later but I got the shot
Adrian sleeping turtled169 viewsAdrian sleeping during College Algebra with his backpack turtled next to him
Julia: Sprayed264 viewsAlex standing next to Julia's sprayed butt after a cleanup war
Alex makeup141 viewsEveryone described it to my the same way I saw it; Alex came walking in and looked like he had been in a trainwreck
Ally and Brittany peace248 viewsAlly and Brittany during 2nd period bible
Math homework158 viewsAlly never does her math homework until right before here class at lunch (commendable of her); Rebekah happens to be very good at it though and offers some help
The Flight Saver160 viewsAlly had this brilliant egg-shaped-parachute-attached human encasement to give everyone that flew in a plane... to "save" them
Amanda and Julia wcrazy2357 viewsAmanda and Julia dressed up during 1st period bible for Wild and Crazy day during spirit week
Amanda hobbling crutches1473 viewsAmanda hop and hobbeling her way into Mr. Petrosky's bible portable
Amanda on crutches172 viewsAmanda being rolled around by Julia in a chair to save her feet from the hard work; while they were doing this they actually passed another guy that had broken his foot
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